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Hampshire's distinctive divisional system offers students unparalleled opportunities to add real-world value to their academic knowledge through independent projects, field studies, internships, and community service.

Victoria Quine   Movement and Learning
A passion for movement has driven Victoria Quine since she took her first dance class at the age of three.
David Herr   Experimenting with Music Leads to Book Chapter
Dave Herr wanted to get feedback from the man whose music had inspired his Division III.
Kimberly Bullard   Collaborative Research In Reproductive Health
Div III Student Kimberley Bullard and Alum make connections.
Amy Mendes  

From Div III to Signing with Literary Agent
A chance encounter led Amy Mendes to an unexpected opportunity.

Marrisa Baker-Wagner   Searching for a Cure for Dengue
For her Division III, Marissa Baker-Wagner is conducting research to identify pathways by which the dengue virus assembles the capsid protein.
Max Neale   Combining Environmental Science with Policy and Management
Max Neale goes at the Asian clam from all angles.
Isaac Bruss   Designing DNA
Isaac Bruss can tell DNA to self-assemble into a structure of his own choosing.
Martina Risech   Project Offers Cultural Critique of Science
“We need to deconstruct the medical concept of 'normal',” asserts Martina Risech.
Kamil Peters
  Kamil Peters Finds Metal is His Medium
Give Kamil Peters an oxyacetylene torch and a piece of discarded steel, and you’ll soon find art where scrap metal used to be.
Tali Nyala   The Soul Returns to the Land It Knows
Taliesin Nyala examined the neurobiological, psychological, and cultural effects of abuse on children.
Dillon Compton   Smartphone Software to Monitor Blood Sugar
Dillon Compton is creating an app to allow people with diabetes to use smartphones to monitor their blood sugar.
Diary of a Div III   Diary of a Div III
Taryn Johnson allowed the camera to follow her creation of a project in marine science and animation.
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Alana Vehaba   'Two Tibets' in Dharamsala
Alana Vehaba explores the relationship between Tibetans born in Tibet before emigrating to India and those born in exile.


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