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Student Profiles

Hampshire students are known as innovators, and the College encourages that, helping them to build on their natural intelligence and inquisitiveness.

Personalize Your Education
To graduate, all students, with faculty advice and guidance, devise an individualized program of study in which they attempt to ask—and answer—a question perhaps never posed before.

Student Project   Sara Coughlin

Sara Coughlin compares writing a short story to a frozen lake.

Student Project   Andrew Figueroa

Andrew Figueroa came to Hampshire because he was looking for “something really different.”

Student Project   Omnia Hamdan

Thirteen colleges accepted Omnia Hamdan, but the choice turned out to be clear.

Student Project   Lucas Ospina

Lucas Ospina found the inspiration to pursue his passions from his fellow Hampshire College students.

Student Project   Eli Plenk

Eli Plenk is an activist through and through. After leaving college to work as an organizer for a farm workers’ union, he realized that he’s also an academic. So he applied to Hampshire.

Student Project   Rachel Friedman

As Rachel Friedman described her first two years at Hampshire, she remembers her soon-to-be supervisors’ jaws drop.

Student Project   Jon Butler

Jon Butler’s Division II studies took him from Woods Hole to Hawaii.

Student Project   Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring

“Even though I knew that I wanted to study film, I also wanted to study other things to inform what I was going to make films about,” recalls Mel Mel Sukekawa-Mooring.

Student Project   Abby Brownell

Hampshire is the perfect place for Abby Brownell, but it took her a while to find that out.

Student Project   Michael Samuels

When Michael Samuels arrived at Hampshire College in fall 2009 he had only one regret.

Student Project   Parimal Satyal

Parimal Satyal knew he wanted something different from the academic approaches of the schools he attended while growing up in Nepal.

Student Project   Julian Feller-Cohen

Julian Feller-Cohen takes a “holistic approach” to journalism, studying television, internet, print, photography, and film.

Student Project   Hannah Elliott

As part of a critical ethnography class, Hannah Elliott chose to work with a soup kitchen and write about the experience. It was a decision that would change her life.

Student Project   Tian Ni

Hampshire College is a bit different from the schools Tian Ni grew up attending in Shanghai.

Student Project   Evan Thaler-Null

Long interested in grassroots environmentalism and do-it-yourself activism, Evan Thaler-Null’s studies are focused on merging farming and agriculture with education.

Student Project   Namgyal Norbu

Namgyal Norbu’s experience growing up in Tibetan refugee camps in India revealed the threat faced by her native language

Student Project   Isaac Bruss

Issac Bruss drew from courses in chemistry, biology, and physics at Hampshire, as well as course offerings at the other Five College schools, to create his program of study in nanoscience.

Student Project   Kendra Bechtel

Kendra Bechtel started off with passionate enthusiasm for French literature and linguistics, then developed an equal passion for neuroscience.


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