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Gary Hirshberg 72F

Gary Hirshberg 72F

Gary Hirshberg is co-founder and chairman of Stonyfield Farm, the world’s leading organic yogurt producer, and the author of Stirring It Up: How to Make Money and Save the World (Hyperion, 2008). Since 1983, Gary has overseen Stonyfield’s growth, from its infancy as a seven-cow organic farming school to its current $360 million in annual sales. Stonyfield has enjoyed a compounded annual growth rate of over 23% over 21 years by consistently producing great-tasting products and using innovative marketing that blends the company’s social, environmental, and financial missions. Stonyfield entered into a partnership with Danone in 2001, and Gary is now managing director of Stonyfield Europe, with organic brands in Canada, Ireland, and France.

Gary serves on several corporate and non-profit boards including those of Applegate Farms, Honest Tea, Peak Organic Brewing, The Full Yield, Climate Counts, SweetGreen, RAMp Sports, Glenisk, and the Danone Communities Fund. He is the chairman and co-founder of Stonyfield Café, a natural fast food restaurant firm. In 2011, President Obama appointed Gary to serve on the Advisory Committee for Trade Policy and Negotiations. He is also co-chair of AGree, an agricultural policy initiative formed by the Ford, Gates, Kellogg, Rockefeller, Walton Family and other leading foundations.

Recently, he has helped to lead the consumer drive to require genetically engineered foods to be labeled. He is a founding partner of Just Label It, We Have the Right to Know, the national campaign dedicated to labeling genetically engineered foods, and is co-author of Label It Now--What You Need to Know About Genetically Engineered Foods (New Word City, 2012), the first consumer guide to foods that have been genetically altered. All proceeds from the electronic book benefit Just Label It.


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