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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is eligible to take this program?
We accept applications from rising juniors (completed sophomore year by June 2014) and seniors (completed junior year by June 2014) in high school age 16 years or older who are in good academic standing and have no academic or disciplinary suspensions on their records. High school seniors who will graduate in the spring of 2014 are also welcome. Students interested in design thinking, fabrication and engineering, social entrepreneurship, and community-based design are strongly encouraged to apply.

What will a typical program experience include?
Students will talk with local community members to discuss and identify challenges that need some creative solutions. Once we’ve had a chance to talk, students will meet in the Center for Design to brainstorm potential design solutions using the principles of design thinking (some great examples of design thinking can be found in and around our Creativity Center, such as this one). Students will use rapid-prototyping to build models of potential solutions, then test them in the field. We will visit community sites, test prototypes, identify design strengths and weaknesses, and get back to work in the fabrication shop. Listen. Think. Make. Repeat. We will be using micro-projects and rapid prototyping, so this whole process will happen a few times--each opportunity with different challenges, parameters, sites, and users.

Will I receive college credit?
Because of the length, Hampshire does not offer transfer credit for the completion of one session. The quality of the work completed throughout the program, however, is designed to reflect college-level courses. Students will get a feel for the college experience through intensive study, team-based projects, community engagement, and residential life.

How do I apply?
We encourage you to apply online as soon as possible to ensure enrollment availability. We have a priority deadline of April 14, but applications will still be accepted after the deadline on a rolling basis.

What does the priority deadline mean?

The priority deadline is the latest date we can guarantee room in the program. After April 14, spots are filled on a first come, first serve basis.

What is the application timeline?
Typically, once a student submits a complete application, the faculty selection committee will review the application and make an admission decision within two weeks. Once the student is notified of the enrollment decision, they are encouraged to make a program deposit to indicate the intention to enroll in the program.

Where will I live on campus?
Students are assigned housing as a program and will receive their assignments once the program is fully enrolled. A residential advisor will be on site throughout the program to support and supervise students, along with additional residence life staff who oversee all aspects of campus life while students are staying with us for our summer programs. Here is an overview of the residences on campus.

What does a meal plan include?
The meal plan covers breakfast, lunch, and dinner every day a student is on campus throughout the duration of the program. Hampshire is committed to sustainable dining options.



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