January Term Workshop Proposals

CALL FOR PROPOSALS: January 2014; Co-curricular Academic Workshops

All January Term workshops will be co-curricular* and will not require evaluation of student performance by the instructor. Co-curricular workshops are considered to be learning activities and are only listed on a student's academic record if completed satisfactorily. Five College students and community members will not be eligible to register for Hampshire January Term workshops.

January Term workshops may be offered as either a week-long workshop or through the entire January Term, based on the following parameters:

Meet for a minimum of 5 days, for approximately 3 contact hours per day (generally morning or afternoon sessions).

Meet for the duration of the January term (9 days), for approximately 4-5 contact hours per day.

Suggested topics for academic workshops during the January term include, but are not limited to:

  •  A paired community-based learning experience with an on-campus workshop (CEL-1 or CEL-2)
  •  Skill-based workshops (e.g., technical/computer skills, presentation skills)
  •  Cumulative skills workshops (e.g., writing intensive, quantitative skills)
  •  Language intensive workshops (e.g., immersion language, preparatory for study abroad)
  •  Off-campus experience connections (e.g., reflecting on study abroad/internship experiences)
  •  Divisional transition workshops (e.g., Div III information literacy)

  *Co-curricular courses offer opportunities for skills development, innovation, personal growth, and experience-based learning outside of the regular curriculum of the College. These courses meet on the same [calendar] schedule as academic courses, and require registration following the same procedures and deadlines. Co-curricular courses do not normally satisfy distributional or divisional requirements. They may, however, be considered for inclusion in a divisional portfolio and are otherwise additional resources that supplement the core curriculum.


Faculty and eligible staff are invited to submit proposals for academic co-curricular workshops in January 2014. Staff members must also submit the supervisor approval form (linked on the proposal form) with their proposal.

Qualified members of the community and alums may submit proposals; however, there are limited opportunities to teach in the January Term and proposals will be competitively evaluated with faculty proposals.

All proposals for academic co-curricular workshops in January Term 2014 must be submitted using the following online proposal form by Thursday, August 15, 2013.

Submit your proposal: January Term 2014 Workshop Proposal Form

Additional January Term Teaching Opportunities

Hampshire faculty interested in submitting a short-term field course proposal in January or May should use the online form available on the global education office web page.

Individuals interested in submitting a January Term proposal for Outdoor Programs and Recreational Athletics (OPRA) should contact the OPRA office at 413.559.5470.

Student-led activities during the January Term are coordinated by the student organization, Experimental Programs in Education and Community (EPEC). Students interested in leading an EPEC activity, workshop, or course should contact EPEC at


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