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Relevant courses for students studying Environmental Science and Sustainability-related issues include:

Social Sciences
Farming In America
Understanding Cultural and Linguistic Competence as a Central Strategy to Address Health Disparities
Making Social Change
Culture, Religion, and Environmentalism
Climate Change: Race, Gender, Inequality, and the Future of the Environment
Gender and Economic Development
Understanding the Global Economy

Natural Sciences

Elements of Sustainability
Bodies, Guts, and Bones: A Biocultural Approach to Diet and Nutrition
Sustainable Water Resources
Climate Change: Exploring the Science and Solutions
The Politics, Geography, and Management of New England Natural Areas
Environmental Chemistry
Animal Behavior
Soil: Science and Society
Sustainable Agriculture

Humanities, Arts, Design
Beyond Sprawl and Crawl: Developing Alternatives to Car Dependence
Architectural Diversity for Social Change
Designing for Humans
The Transcendentalist: Thoreau, Emerson and Whitman
Writing about the Outdoors


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