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What do Hampshire students "do" in Environmental Studies? Here are some Divisional projects students have completed:

Division I

  • » Sustainable Aquaculture
  • » Analysis of Drinking Water from the Hopi Reservation
  • » Daily Changes in Sugar Content Sugar Maple Sap
  • » United States Policy Towards Wetlands and Agriculture
  • » The Case for Hydrothermal Systems as the Origin of Life
  • » Architectural Spaces: The Role of the Earthlodge in Pawnee Society Prior to the Early 1800s
  • » Bamboo: An Alternative Building Material Resistant to Earthquakes
  • » Spiritual Ecology in Practice: The Life of John Muir
  • » Sea Turtle Conservation in the Caribbean
  • » Rate of Carbon Dioxide Production in Worker Ants of the Genus Pogonomyrmex
  • » Implications of a Sewage Treatment Plant on Deer Island, Massachusetts
  • » Heat Loss and the Window Quilt
  • » Westover Air Force Base: The Laws Governing the Cleanup of Hazardous Waste

Division II

  • » Conservation Biology
  • » The Interaction Between Culture and Environment: Cultural Ecology
  • » Four Horses and Several Thousand Corn Earthworms
  • » Outdoor and Environmental Education
  • » Studies of Biodiversity and Forest Preservation
  • » Relationships Between Ecology and Art
  • » Forests and Society: Visions of Nature

Division III
(Senior Thesis)

  • » Survival and Triage of Cold-Stunned Stranded Kemp's ridely Sea Turtles
  • » Ecology and Conservation of Blanding’s Turtle (Emydoidea blandingii) in Massachusetts
  • » Mills and Muskrats on the Monatiquot River: An Experiment in Place Based Education
  • » Wind Energy: Working Toward a Sustainable Energy Path
  • » A Tale of Two States: Progressive Land Use Policies in the U.S.
  • » Federal Intervention in Environmental Affairs: A Case Study of Boston Harbor
  • » Local Energy Politics: A Case Study of Northampton
  • » Community Supported Agriculture: Farms of Tomorrow?
  • » The Citizens' Guide to "Low-Level" Radioactive Waste in Massachusetts
  • » Materials and Process Affecting Compost Quality: An Analysis of the Hampshire College Farm Composting System
  • » Environmental Science and Video Production
  • » Kavus: The Sacred Mini Forests in Kerala, India
  • » An Analysis of Carbon Dating Anomalies in Long Valley Caldera, California

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