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On the Farm

  Hampshire College Farm Center
  The Hampshire College Farm Center is a working, sustainable farm and thriving educational center, providing agricultural programs for the College, local community members, and school groups.

The Food, Farm, and Sustainability Institute will take advantage of the various opportunities at the Farm Center.

During the summer, there are numerous programs running in concert with the active farming operations, including farm camps for K-12 students and the FFS Institute.

The Farm Center promotes education regarding the cultural, sustainable, and nutritional aspects of food production, and is dedicated to educating future generations of healthy, ethical food producers and consumers.

During the 6-week FFS Institute, students will be immersed in the daily operations of the farm, learning about everything from integrated, sustainable vegetable production to holistic animal husbandry and bee-keeping.

Tomatoes, spinach, turnips, and so much more!:
Students will work with CSA director and farmer Nancy Hanson and her summer farm crew on important farm operations, including preparing soil for crops, planting crops (seeds and transplants), and managing weeds and pests according to organic and sustainable methods.

Students will also be exposed to the management of Hampshire’s Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). The CSA model of farming directly links consumers to farmers, and the Hampshire CSA provides fresh organic produce to over 200 families and groups on the campus and local community.

There will be additional opportunities to learn about food production at Hampshire’s innovative student-run edible forest garden, market garden, four-season greenhouses, and community garden plots.

Honey, hay, eggs, meat, and bees and trees, too:

With farm manager Leslie Cox, students will interact with Hampshire’s heritage-breed Dutch Belted cows, which produce high-quality, rich milk on a grass-feed diet. Other animals on the farm include a brood of egg-laying hens, a drove of pigs, a pair of heritage-breed sheep, several hives of bees, and one very watchful llama.

Students will learn about animal husbandry, rotational grazing, hay production, bee-keeping, maple trees, the nearby forest landscape, and more.

In the cheese production rooms and labs, students will learn about microbiology while making cheese and yogurt from freshly produced milk.


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