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Brittany Craig

Brittany Craig

Senior Assistant Director of Admissions
B.A., Hampshire College; MSW, UC Berkeley
Originally from: Montpelier, VT

Piece of advice for prospects in the college search process:
Do lots of research and individualize your college search. Many high school students I talk with tell me they are primarily looking at schools that their families went to or that their friends are considering. That’s a great place to start and can be an important factor in your decision, but don’t stop there! By casting your college search net far and wide, you’ll begin to get a sense of the array of options and opportunities that different colleges can offer and which of these are most important to you.

Title of my Division II concentration:
Examining Economically and Socially Disadvantaged Peoples Through a Socio-Political Lens

Favorite way to travel:
By train! I love being able to stretch out, watch the scenery from huge windows, and have leisurely snack time in the dining car. True fact--I met one of my closest friends on an Amtrak train in high school!

Favorite literary genre:
I still really love young adult fiction. Actually, the older I get the more I seem to enjoy it! Some favorites include A Tree Grows in Brooklyn, The Golden Compass, Anne of Green Gables, and always the Harry Potter books.

Favorite way to procrastinate:
I can truly waste hours watching video after video of ridiculously cute and fluffy baby animals of various sorts doing adorable and silly things. My favorite at the moment involves a Persian kitten wearing an ice cream sundae costume hungrily eating a banana. It makes absolutely no sense, but is so mesmerizing!

One more thing:
I manage the Hometown High program, which encourages current Hampshire students to go back and visit their high schools over winter and/or spring break to introduce high school students to our wonderful College!


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