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Film/Video Division III Reel

The Film/Video Division III Reel* includes excerpts from twelve films and videos selected by film/photo/video program faculty. The collection celebrates the range, diversity, and excellence of films and videos produced by film/video students from 2000 to 2010. Michael Rice 07F will introduce the reel.

Works selected by: Professors Joan Braderman, Bill Brand, Baba Hillman, Kara Lynch, and Abraham Ravett
Compilation, program, and editing: Baba Hillman and Sam Shapiro 07F
Design Cover: Michael Rice 07F
Assistant: Dan Peck 08F


interiors of the liquid gap, 2009, Josh Weissbach 04F.

    interiors of the liquid gap is an experimental documentary that focuses on five Cuban exiles and the intimate sites of their lives before, while, and after crossing the liquid divide between Cuba and the United States. Josh has screened his work both domestically and internationally, most recently at the 2011 Cannes Film Festival. He was the recipient of a 2008 Princess Grace Film Scholarship and Cary Grant Film Award. He is currently an MFA film student at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee.

Through The Skin, 2002, Elliot Montague 98F.

    This experimental autobiography retraces the trauma of an androgynous child on the brink of puberty through a story of gender deviance diagnosed as a mental disorder. Through the Skin explores the complexities and implications of a growing relationship between a parent and child, and provokes universal questions on the meaning of gender. Montague's films engage the tenuous boundaries between bodies in states of transition, the complexities of family relationships, and the failures of language. His films have screened internationally at the Media Arts Festival in Osnabruck, Germany, the Walker Art Center in Minneapolis, and the Anthology Film Archives among other venues. Montague is a recipient of the 2007 Princess Grace Award as well as the 2009 Special Projects Grant also from the Princess Grace Foundation for his multimedia collaborative project, WREST. Montague's film work is partially distributed through Women Make Movies in New York City and Video Data Bank in Chicago.

In My Genes, 2007, Lupita Nyong’o 03F

    In My Genes addresses the personal and societal challenges that people with albinism face as members of one of the most hyper-visible and misunderstood minority groups of Kenya’s predominantly black society through the experiences of eight individuals from different cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. Lupita has won numerous awards for her work and has screened at venues including the New York African Film Festival, Lincoln Center. She starred in the HIV awareness MTV production Shuga, and has worked on production teams for The Constant Gardener directed by Fernando Mereilles and The Namesake directed by Mira Nair. Lupita is currently completing her MFA in acting at Yale.

Following Jake, 2007, Zardon Richardson 03F.

    Following Jake is a coming of age story about a young African American inner-city male coming to terms with his sexuality in a hostile home. Zardon has screened his work at numerous festivals and has recently completed his MFA at the University of Iowa.

The Drive North, 2006, Rhys Ernst 01S.

    The Drive North has screened in over 30 film festivals and earned numerous awards including a Gold Plaque at the Chicago International Film Festival. Rhys is a recipient of a Princess Grace honorarium and a Point Foundation award. He has worked as a producer/editor for MTV and was associate producer of “Coming Out Stories,” (LOGO). Rhys uses experimental narrative, animation, and video art as strategies to discuss transgender identity, representation and history. He recently completed his MFA film, “Tristan and Zooey,” at Cal Arts.

The Nightingale Princess, 2006, Daniel Gilbert 02F, Christopher Dreisbach 02F, and Owen Granich-Young 02F.

    Nick sleepwalks through life. Withdrawn from his computer-addicted mother and alcoholic best friend, he loses himself in a fantasy world of his own creation. Stumbling upon a long-abandoned swimming pool, Nick encounters the nightingale, a young woman he thought existed only in his imagination. The Nightingale Princess has screened widely. Daniel Gilbert was a visual effects artist in Hollywood for three years before he fell into a deep hole. It was the best thing that ever happened to him. On sunny days, he can still sometimes see the beautiful light from the surface, filtering down. Owen Granich-Young currently resides in Los Angeles and works as a Supervising Sound Editor. Christopher Dreisbach recently completed his MFA at the American Film Institute Conservatory.

No Fortunate One, 2008, Josh Arnoudse 04F.

    This narrative clown piece follows a band of soldiers as they set out from their suburban homes armed with semiautomatic rubber chickens and a hunger for revolution. Funded in part by a Princess Grace Film Honorarium, No Fortunate One uses the language of physical comedy to take a critical look at the relationship between privilege and political activism. The film's creator Josh Arnoudse and cinematographer Raky Sastri can currently be seen performing together in the Boston-based musical duo You Won't (

Whose Dream, Which Cut?, 2002, Masami Kawai 97F.

    The videomaker tries to tell the story of Latino and Japanese worker alliances through interviewing her mother, a Japanese low-wage worker who works with Latinos. She is forced to grapple with the legacy of the camera and her strained relationship with her mother. Masami won numerous awards for her experimental work, which showcased on a National Women and Director’s Chair tour and screened at the National Museum of Women in the Arts in Washington, D.C.. Masami’s other passion is community building, melding race, gender, class, and sexuality in her organizing. Her academic, artistic, and activist work provides a rich foundation for her stories about the human condition and the contentious narratives about the American dream. Masami is currently an MFA Directing student at UCLA, where she is working on her thesis, Drycleaners, a contemporary drama that takes place on the outskirts of Los Angeles. It’s a coming of age film that follows the story of Jae, a Korean-American lesbian torn between her family and the women she loves.

Before the Ice Age, 2005, Alexis Arcaro 02F.

    Before the Ice Age is an experimental narrative exploring loneliness, expectations of motherhood, and one’s relationship with the natural world. Alexis currently lives in western Massachusetts. She is the host of "Making Food," a cooking show on public access television.

Chasing the Moving Train, 2005, Meg DeFrancesco 01F.

    Meg DeFrancesco set out on a road trip across the country with no set end date in the hope of capturing stories and varying environments of people from everywhere. Meg teamed up with her childhood best friend Sorcha Merrill and, from their Maine-plated Subaru, they created a collaboration of choreography, interviews, comedy improv, and original music taken from those they met along the way. Also organically discovered was a reconnection of childhood friendship which takes on a parallel story of its own. Meg says we can place this in the genre labeled travelogue-docu-musical-dance-improv-comedy. Meg is an L.A.-based comedic actress and member of LA Improv teams Shark Week and Plymouth. She has appeared on The Colbert Report, The Jay Leno Show, VH1, MTV, College Humor, IFC,, and

Raw Milk: History and Mystery, 2010, Andrea Love 05F.

    An animated documentary about raw milk, using wire armature dolls, water floors, and fabric cut-outs. Andrea Love lives in Coupeville, Washington, where she has a year long internship on a small organic farm. She continues to develop her animation skills independently, along with other musical and artistic endeavors.

It’s Not That Kind of Coffee Shop, 2005, Alina Papp 01F.

    The film explores how political and cultural shifts have impacted attitudes towards assimilation and individuality in Hungary. The story centers on a Chekov inspired anti-hero called Botond, whose apathy and arrogance have kept him isolated in an inherited coffee shop that he hates. Since her graduation, Alina has screened her own films widely and has also worked as an assistant director in the Hungarian film industry.


*In the future the Division III Reel will present additional collections, as there are many more outstanding works to include. Future reels will also showcase mixed-media, performance ,and installation works.


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