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Panels and Workshops: FRIDAY

Engaging intellectually with alums, faculty, former faculty, and current students.

There were over 40 panels, workshops, and presentations during the weekend. All sessions were 50 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.

Friday’s schedule includes:

3 p.m.  

Making a Fuel-Efficient Stove from Clay
Behind the Lemelson Center

Aaron Evans-Janes 03F is a recently returned Peace Corps Volunteer in Eastern Province, Zambia. One of the most successful projects he worked on was the development of fuel-efficient stoves, using the abundant clay there. The stoves burn solid fuel (small branches, maize cobs, and woody weeds), creating pyrolysis gases that burn a few seconds later in an upper chamber, rather then escape into the atmosphere as smoke. This is a demonstration of how to construct the stoves, and a discussion of ways to adapt things to be made locally in very rural parts of the world.

Exploring Consciousness With Hemi-Sync
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 104

An experiential presentation where attendees are introduced to a simple yet powerful audio tool for healing, meditation, and the exploration of consciousness. Hemi-Sync is a binaural beat technology that utilizes audio tones to gently, easily, and quickly create healthy and beneficial whole-brain meditative states. Supported by more than 40 years of clinical and academic research, binaural beat technology is successfully used to support and accelerate myriad real life applications including meditation, pain and stress reduction, increased focus and cognition, and maximized human potential, as well as physical benefits such as lowered blood pressure, increased immune function, improved memory, and deeper, more restful sleep. Participants will also enjoy a relaxing meditation.

College Admission Today: A Session for Alums' Children (and Their Parents)
Admissions Office

Join us for a discussion on searching for the right colleges for you and for tips on applying. This session will be liberally seasoned with Hampshire love. Followed by a one-hour campus tour.

  • Karen Parker, director of admissions, Hampshire College
  • David Wagner, senior associate director of admissions, Hampshire College

The Soulful Landscape Workshop: Find Your Stories of Place
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 108

For writers and non-writers alike. Begins with a presentation on "place-based arts" to empower the creative writer within. Followed by a series of writing exercises to uncover one's stories of place and belonging. Generate fresh metaphors for use in songs, stories, poems, essays, and more. Participants receive support to develop their ideas and leave with a renewed connection to themselves and the places that have meaning in their lives.

4 p.m.  

Hampshire's Tibetan Studies Program
Franklin Patterson Hall, West Lecture Hall

Informal gathering and conversations about Tibetan studies. The program includes bringing Tibetan students from India to study at Hampshire; participation in the Five College Tibetan Studies in India Jan Term Program at the Central University of Tibetan Studies (CUTS) in Sarnath, India; and visiting professors from CUTS who periodically teach at Hampshire and Smith. All former participants in any aspect of the program, and anyone interested in learning more and hearing stories of participants are welcome to join us. Photos from India and Tibet will be shown as a backdrop. The Spiritual Life Program will also be collecting donations for victims of April's earthquake in eastern Tibet at the event.

  • Sue Darlington, professor of anthropology and Asian studies, Hampshire College
  • Jay Garfield, director, Five Colleges Tibetan Studies in India Program
  • Sonam Yangzom 04F
  • Pema Dorjee F06
  • Ngawang Lodoe F09

Roundtable on Feminism at Hampshire
Johnson Library Center, 2nd Floor

Hampshire's was the first academic program in the Valley, was unique then, and still is today. Many Hampshire alums credit the course for their approach to their work and to their lives. Is feminist studies still relevant in a "post-feminist world?" Why is it still relevant at Hampshire when so many other institutions are questioning its relevance?

  • Penina Glazer, former acting president (September-October 1981), former dean of faculty, and professor emeritus of history
  • Miriam Slater, Harold F. Johnson professor emeritus of history (1971-1985)
  • Margaret Cerullo, professor of sociology and feminist studies
  • L. Brown Kennedy, professor of literature
  • Patricia Klindienst 71F, Ph.D., writer
  • Erin Dozier 88F, J.D., associate general counsel, National Association of Broadcasters
5 p.m.  

Beyond Discipline(s): The Humanities Now
Johnson Libary Center, 2nd Floor

Faculty talk about teaching at Hampshire and about latest developments in humanities here.

  • Polina Barskova, assistant professor of Russian literature, Hampshire College
  • Christoph Cox, professor of philosophy, Hampshire College
  • Karen Koehler, associate professor of art and architectural history, Hampshire College
  • Sandra Matthews, associate professor of film and photography, Hampshire College
  • Susan Tracy, professor of American studies, Hampshire College, facilitator

Creative Writing/Memoir Workshop
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 104

A creative writing workshop in the AWA method. Participants will be given a writing prompt or instructions and will spend 20-25 minutes writing per exercise, after which volunteers can share what they wrote. It's great fun; people are so often amazed at what comes up and enjoy hearing eachother's work.

  • Elisabeth Carter 82F, M.Ed., M.F.A., workshop facilitator, writing instructor, and freelance editor

Exploring the Implications of Evolving Media and Technology
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 108

We continue to rapidly develop new forms of media and technology that are increasingly connected to our social lives, real-time locations and personal information, Alex Torpey 05F explores some fundamental questions as to what these advancements will mean for the future of government, politics, democracy, and leadership.

  • Alex Torpey 05F, president, Veracity Media



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