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Panels, Presentations, and Workshops: Saturday

Engaging intellectually with alums, faculty, former faculty, and current students.

There were over 40 panels, workshops, and presentations during the weekend. All sessions were 50 minutes long, unless otherwise noted.


Presidents' Panel
Robert Crown Center

A look back at the last 40 years, and a glimpse into Hampshire’s future. Hear from "your" president: what drew them to Hampshire, what mark they left, and what they see as Hampshire's future challenges.

  • Charles R. Longsworth (1971-1977)
  • Adele S. Simmons (1977-1989)
  • Gregory S. Prince, Jr. (1989-2005)
  • Ralph J. Hexter (2005-present)
  • Penina Glazer, acting president (September-October 1981), former dean of faculty, and professor emerita of history, chair
11:30 a.m.
  Performance by Tim Van Egmond 72F
Music and Dance Building, Recital Hall

Tim Van Egmond 72F weaves together tales, tunes, and songs: from the rib-tickling to the spine-tingling to the heartwarming. He accompanies himself on a wide variety of traditional instruments, including hammered dulcimer, conga drum, and limberjack (a dancing wooden puppet that taps out a rhythm on a paddle board). His spellbinding talent, dynamic style, and engaging warmth create a magical experience for all ages.
  • Tim Van Egmond 72F, storyteller
 11 a.m.  

Origami: How to Do Math Without Scissors or Glue
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 102

This interactive presentation will illustrate how origami has exploded as an art form over the past 30 years, how math had been a key cause of this explosion, and how mathematical research in origami has led to new applications of paper folding in engineering, science, and education. Participants will fold a few things and discover some origami theorems for themselves. Numerous origami art models will be shown.

  • Thomas Hull 87F, M.S., Ph.D., associate professor, Western New England College
11 a.m.-
12:50 p.m.

Hampshire at the Cutting Edge: New and Innovative Academic Directions at Hampshire
Franklin Patterson Hall, East Lecture Hall

Hampshire faculty and students are taking pedagogy and interdisciplinarity in exciting new directions, exploring the cutting edges of fields such as artificial intelligence, neuroscience, childhood studies, and the arts. Recent work by faculty and students will be presented.

We will also outline three new cross-campus programs: Culture, Brain, and Development (CBD); Critical Studies in Childhood, Youth, and Learning (CYL); and Design, Art, and Technology (DART). Time will be reserved for questions and discussion about Hampshire's engagement with the cutting edges of academic inquiry.

  • Carla Costa, DART program coordinator, Hampshire College
  • Ellen Donkin, dean of the School of Interdisciplinary Arts and professor of theater, Hampshire College
  • Kristen Luschen, associate professor of education studies, Hampshire College
  • Laura P. Sizer, associate professor of philosophy, Hampshire College
  • Lee Spector, professor of computer science, Hampshire College
Noon   Too Young for an Estate Plan? Not!
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 108

No matter your wealth, if you have stuff, you have an estate. And if you have loved ones, or causes you care about, then you need an estate plan, no matter your age (and if you are alive, you need powers of attorney!). In this hour we'll demystify estate planning and cover the basics in a no-nonsense presentation.
  • Sheila Cooley, 71F, J.D., attorney with practice in estate planning
  • Catherine Smith, 71F, C.E.O. of U.S. Retirement Services, ING Financial Services

Quantum Mechanics for the Millions: Basic Physics for All
Harold F. Johnson Library, 3rd Floor, Kiva

A special reunion event for alums of "Quantum Mechanics for the Million/Myriad," and eveyone who has been affected by Quantum effects, such as those responsible for nuclear weapons and reactors, laser scanners at the supermarket, and the Theories of Everything we learn about in Sunday supplements and magazines!

  • Herb Bernstein, professor of physics, Hampshire College and president, the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Jock Herron, Jr. 70F, M.B.A., M.P.A., M.A., partner, Herron Farms, LLC
  • John Dell 71F, Ph.D., physics teacher, Thomas Jefferson High School for Science and Technology
  • Mary James 72F, Ph.D., associate professor of physics, Reed College
  • Lee Smolin 72F, Ph.D., professor, Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
1:30 p.m.

The Fofer Show
Emily Dickinson Hall, Theater

A magical, musical, moving storybook, transporting audiences to the special secret island of Fof, off the coast of Maine, home to the multi-colored furry Fofers and their gentle four-legged friends, the Peaceballs. The Fofer Show is an animated concert featuring multi-media artist Shana Barry 93F's imaginative stories and songs, accompanied by gentle guitar and ukulele, with beautifully illustrated projected animations she's created.

  • Shana Barry 93F
1 p.m.   The Effects of Improv Comedy on Schools
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 104

Learn and apply foundational elements of Chicago-style improv comedy in scenes, such as “yes, and”; relationship building; initiation; heightening; follow the follower; gifts; and commitment. Then see how one can use these in collaboration with colleagues.
  • Ari Frede 87F, M.A., adult program manager, Old Town School of Folk Music
  • Tim Sniffen 87F, actor/writer, The Second City

Climate Change
Franklin Patterson Hall, East Lecture Hall

Learn what Hampshire and Hampshire alums are doing to study and combat climate change.

  • Michael Klare, Five College professor of peace and world security studies, Hampshire College; and director, Five College Program in Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS)
  • Steve Roof, associate professor of earth and environmental science, Hampshire College
  • Kert Davies, III 80F, research director, Greenpeace
  • Eric Loring 80F, senior environment researcher, National Inuit Organization-Canada
  • Peter Altman 87F, climate campaign director, National Research Defense Council

From Here to Eternity: Life Goals Workshop
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 108

What would make your life more fun, rich, full, and complete? The workshop is designed to enable you to clarify your ideas (and hopes) for your future: to help you to focus on the many things you might want to do between today and ...eternity!

  • Carin Rank, director of CORC (2001-present), Hampshire College
  • Andrea Wright, director, Early Identification Program (1969-1980); and director, CORC (1980-2000), Hampshire College

Mind, Brain, Computers, and Digital Technologies Today at Hampshire
Adele Simmons Hall, Auditorium

A talk about latest developments in cognitive and computer science at Hampshire.

  • Neil Stillings, dean of the School of Cognitive Science and professor of psychology
  • Lee Spector, professor of computer science

Quantum Mechanics for the Myriad
Harold F. Johnson Library, 3rd Floor, Kiva

Follow-up to the original course, including an update to today (Quantum Teleportation).

  • Herb Bernstein, professor of physics, Hampshire College and president, the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Bill Arnold 72F, Ph.D., chief scientist, ASML
  • Alan Schwartzman 73F, Ph.D., research physicist, MIT

Quiet Americans: The Long Shadow of American Fundamentalism Abroad
Franklin Patterson Hall, Main Lecture Hall

Drawing on his New York Times bestselling history The Family and his forthcoming new book C Street, Jeff Sharlet 90F will discuss how American culture clashes echo more broadly in developing nations that are dependent on U.S. aid. Recently returned from Uganda, Sharlet will look at American political support for that country's controversial Anti-Homosexuality Act: the idea of genocide set on simmer.

  • Jeff Sharlet 90F, author; contributing editor, Harper's and Rolling Stone; and assistant professor of creative nonfiction, Dartmouth College

Reflections on the Beginning
Franklin Patterson Hall, West Lecture Hall

Reflections on the beginning.

  • David Smith, professor emeritus of English and American studies and former master of Merrill House, Hampshire College
1-2:50 p.m  

What Is (and Isn't) Architecture?
Emily Dickinson Hall

Many think of architecture as a private esoteric, aesthetic language that they can't speak; they also don't recognize that the built environment is nothing less than the way in which we as humans live in the world, and therefore part of the social, the political, the economic, the artistic, the scientific, etc. But how is this taught? Where and how design is taught, either to the maker/the architect or the viewer/the client/the public?

This panel will address these broad design, philosophical, and contextual issues at Hampshire, as panelists address how these issues evolved in practice and teaching since leaving Hampshire.

  • Robert Goodman, professor of architecture, Hampshire College
  • Norton Juster, professor emeritus of architecture and environmental design, Hampshire College
  • Karen Koehler, associate professor of art and architectural history, Hampshire College
  • Thom Long, Five College assistant professor of architectural studies, Hampshire College
  • Earl Pope, professor emeritus of design, Hampshire College
  • Rick Wies 71F, M.Arch., owner, Gregg Wies & Gardner Architect
  • Channing Harris 74S, M.L.A., senior associate, Towers|Golde
  • David Thompson 74F, M.Arch, owner, David Thompson Architects
  • Candance Robinson 04S, architectural graphics designer/space planner, Facilities and Campus Planning, University of Massachusetts
  • Sophat Sam 04F, architecture studio teaching assistant, Smith College
2 p.m.   African American Studies
Franklin Patterson Hall, West Lecture Hall

Scholars in African American Studies examine the subject from the Hampshire perspective. How is African American Studies at Hampshire different from other colleges? How has the subject evolved at Hampshire and elsewhere? 
  • Bob Coles, emeritus professor of African American literature, Hampshire College
  • Chris Tinson, assistant professor of African American studies, Hampshire College
  • Julia Rabig 92F, Ph.D., visiting assistant professor of African American studies, Boston University

Hampshire in the New Millennium Marketplace
Franklin Patterson Hall, East Lecture Hall

What is the distinct value of a Hampshire education now that the market is crowded with imitators? With fewer families able to afford tuition, how Hampshire thrives or not depends on the answer to this essential business question. Join a conversation with concerned alums to learn about the unique challenges Hampshire faces in a competitive new millennium and help generate ideas. Alums are a key resource.

  • Gary Hirshberg 72F, chairman, president, and CE-Yo, Stonyfield Farm
  • Jay Vogt 72F, management consultant, Peoplesworth
  • Mark Spiro, vice president for finance and administration

Making Media: The Emerging Futures
Adele Simmons Hall, Auditorium

With experience in several media, new, old, and reconfiguring, Hampshire alums discuss the likely shape of mass and personal communications in the coming decade.

  • James Miller, professor of communications, Hampshire College
  • Lawrence Parnass 73F, editor, the Daily Hampshire Gazette
  • Jonathan Friedland 77F, M.S., vice president of strategic communications, Walt Disney Company
  • Joel Olicker 77, C.E.O. and co-founder, Powderhouse Productions
  • Eve Burton 78F, J.D., vice president and general counsel, the Hearst Corporation
  • Benjamin Mako Hill 99F, doctoral candidate and researcher, Sloan School of Management and Media Lab, MIT

Protecting Your Creative Work: A Discussion
Franklin Patterson Hall, Room 106

Artists across many fields are concerned about the impact of copyright and the future of intellectual property in an era of online content proliferation. Join us for a facilitated discussion on how artists can respond to these trends to protect their business models and tap into new audiences.

  • James Turner 80F, correspondent, Christian Science Monitor; and contributing editor, O'Reilly Media
  • Andy Leonard 81F, photographer/microscopist, APL Microscopic; and creative director for the Educational Technology Group, Mount Sinai School of Medicine
  • Jon Reed, president, JonERP.com; and author, Free From Corporate America: A Tactical Guide to Success on Your Own Terms

Quantum Mechanics for the Million: What Quantum Mechanics Means to Me
Harold F. Johnson Library, 3rd Floor, Kiva

Open mic: The importance of quantum mechanics - including what happens when it is a first course in physics, instead of teaching that which we (physicists) know is wrong and correcting it only after a couple of years of advanced physics.

  • Herb Bernstein, professor of physics, Hampshire College and president, the Institute for Science and Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Larry Domash, Ph.D., professor, Hampshire College (1970-1971)
  • David Scharf, director, Maharishi University of Health Sciences
  • Mary James 72F, Ph.D., associate professor of physics, Reed College
  • Bill Torcaso 74F, M.S., documentation manager, CambridgeSoft
3 p.m.  

Animal Behavior, Evolution, and Environment
Adele Simmons Hall, Auditorium

Professor Ray Coppinger will talk about 40 year of science teaching at Hampshire College, including some chapters on the Farm Center, working with Lorna.

  • Ray Coppinger, professor emeritus of biology, Hampshire College

Dirty Rotten Capitalism: Hampshire College Entrepreneurs Challenge the Hampshire Status Quo
Franklin Patterson Hall, East Lecture Hall

A facilitated meetup of Hampshire College business entrepreneurs, changing the world through business. This is focused on business entrepreneurs--"b-entrepreneurs"--rather than non-profit entrepreneurs...but all are welcome!

Questions: are Hampshire b-entrepreneurs born or made? Do we become entrepreneurs in spite of Hampshire? Or because of it? Should Hampshire do more to support b-entrepreneurs? Or is EVERYTHING at Hampshire in support of an entrepreneurial career?

Participants include:

  • Joseph Steig 82F, director, Long River Ventures; and C.F.O., VentureWell, facilitator
  • Jennifer Hartt 88F, director of investments, Life Sciences, at Ben Franklin Technology Partners of Southeastern PA, facilitator
  • Josh Goldman 81F, managing director, Australis Aquaculture, LLC
  • Artemis Joukowsky 81F, chairman/C.E.O., Avalon Financial Group, LLC

Discovering Science Through Fermentation: Zymurgy Workshop
Cole Science, Basement Lab B-2

Limited to 15 people, sign up at the check-in desk at the Airport Lounge

Hampshire College has long been a leader in the development and implementation of innovative educational technologies and approaches. We will describe our most recent approach of using food and fermentation to attract students to science and will specifically outline how our brewing and cheese-making courses engage students in the scientific process.

We will briefly describe our classes, the grants obtained to fund this approach, and will describe our most recent results. We will explain the brewing process; you will also have the opportunity to taste some of the students’ work and be introduced to sensory evaluation and judging.

  • Chris Jarvis, dean of the School of Natural Science, Hampshire College
  • Jason Tor, associate professor of microbiology, Hampshire College

Screening and Q and A, work by Ken Burns 71F
Franklin Patterson Hall, Main Lecture Hall

Limited seating, pick up tickets at noon outside the Robert Crown Center

Join Ken Burns 71F for screenings from his most recent projects The Tenth Inning and Prohibition, followed by a question and answer.

3-5:50 p.m.  

Beyond Discipline(s): The Continuing Value of a (Hampshire) Humanities Education
Johnson Library Center, 2nd Floor

A series of two round table discussions.

  • David Smith, former dean of Humanities and Arts, professor emeritus of English and American studies, and former master of Merrill House, Hampshire College, introduction
  • Mary Russo, professor of literature and critical theory, Hampshire College, facilitator
  • Lise Sanders 90F, assistant professor of English literature and cultural studies, Hampshire College, facilitator
  • Tom Kizzia 70F, B.A, reporter, Anchorage Daily News
  • Dudley Merchant 73F, B.A., president, Bridgeport Slitting Co.
  • Mary-Moore Cathcart 87F, M.A., owner and designer, The Clawfoot Tub
  • Devan Goldstein 98F, M.A., freelance writer and strategist
4 p.m.  

Stephen Petronio: Notes from a Life in Motion
Music and Dance Building, Recital Hall

Acclaimed by audiences and critics alike, Stephen Petronio is widely regarded as one of the leading dance makers of his generation. New music, visual art, and fashion collide in his dances, producing powerfully modern landscapes for the senses.

This year the Stephen Petronio Company celebrates its 25th Anniversary Season. Stephen will speak about his work and his company, and show video clips of his choreography.


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