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Hampshire College’s network consists of a fully-switched infrastructure with a gigabit fiber backbone in a star topology and at least 100base-T to the desktop; our multimedia labs generally have gigabit. Every building on campus has ethernet, and there is wireless coverage in all academic buildings, as well as most dorms. Hampshire gets its academic and administrative bandwidth through the University of Massachusetts and its commodity bandwidth (dorms and wallace) through Paetec, both running over the Five College Fiber Network.

Security is a serious concern for all academic institutions, and Hampshire College is no exception. We follow a traditional security model consisting of an edge firewall device, PAT-less NAT, distributed routing with OSPF, multiple virtual Local Area Networks with associated subnets, and SSL encryption of all sensitive traffic.

In order to access Hampshire College’s network you need to register via the NetReg portal. The first time you access our residential network with a web browser, you will be prompted for your username and password. This registration is valid for the entire academic year.


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Wm. Josiah Erikson - Network Engineer
Communication Systems
Hampshire College
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