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Our tech tips cover a wide range of important topics--from issues common to all users, such as backing up your data and keyboard tips and tricks to issues relevant to a smaller group of users, such as flash drive use. If you think of a topic that you believe we should cover in a tech tip, let us know by emailing

Using QR Codes

You’ve probably seen QR codes--those square barcode-like symbols that can be scanned by smart phones--but you may not know how easy they are to create. Learn how to use them on your printed (or web) materials.

Do Those Google Changes Really Matter? If you've used Google recently--and who hasn't--you may have noticed their announcement of privacy policy changes effective Thursday, March 1. Yes, these changes matter, and you should consider them right now.
Deauthorizing iTunes Accounts You can only link 5 computers to an iTunes account. What to do if you're over the limit?
Bits, Bytes, and Beyond Computer technology has a lot of lingo, and if you're buying a computer you need to know at least enough to understand the specs. Here's a primer on the basic units of computer storage.
Memory and Disk Space Last week we gave some background on understanding the terms of measurement that are used to describe memory and storage in computers. Now we tackle the practical application: How much do you need?
Cell Phones and ICE If you think we're talking about something that keeps you cell phone cold, read this Tech Tip to find out about recommended use of In Case of Emergency number(s) on your cell phone.
A Different Sort of Virus Protection Whether you're trying to avoid swine flu or the common cold, computer areas public and private pose a potential risk for infection. Do you know the four germiest office surfaces and how to disinfect them?
Lessons Learned Chances are we all came up with things we wished we'd done before the snow came down last week--or things we're thankful that we did do! Here are some of ours.
Moving iTunes to an External Drive If you keep a large iTunes library on your Hampshire computer, we'd really appreciate it if you'd move it to an external disk. We've got step by step instructions to help--you just have to provide the external drive.

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