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Back Up Documents and Email

When is the last time you backed up your files? If you have to stop and think, it's been too long. Take a few minutes right now to back up your important files; it can save you untold time and trouble in the future.

Backing up your important documents and email is a critical habit to develop. It can save you time and stress if your computer is stolen, if the hard drive crashes, or if your system becomes infected with a computer virus.

Instructions for Backing Up
You can choose an automated backup system, or manually back up your files to a network drive folder, external drive, or to a CD. Detailed instructions are on our How to Backup Your Data web page.

What to back up
An automated backup can save your entire hard drive, including your data and applications. A manual backup is allows you to pick and choose the files that you back up. It's important that you back up your email as well as your regular documents. Again, you can visit our How to Back Up Your Data web page for details.

Store your Backup Securely
Whatever method you use to back up your data, it's important to store it somewhere that isn't likely to meet with disaster at the same time your computer might. If you store your backup in the same bag as your laptop, for instance, you may lose your backup at the same time you lose your computer. Store your backup safely, somewhat removed from your computer. If you're using an external drive for your backups, place it far enough away from your computer that a liquid spill or falling object on the computer wouldn't affect the drive.

We've seen situations where a backup drive was stolen along with a computer, leaving the user to deal with a complete loss of data despite regular back ups. Don't carry your backup drive along with your computer.

Make a Habit of Backing Up
Make a habit of backing up regularly. Why not schedule a time on your calendar right now to back up your data each week?


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