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Finding Lost & Found

Lost (and stolen) item reports have increased on the official Hampshire announcement system, despite the fact that there is a dedicated Lost & Found page for just that purpose.  It's in the left hand column of the intranet home page, just below the calendar.

When an item is found, turn it into Public Safety, the physical location where found items are kept. Public Safety in turn posts found items on the Lost & Found web page. If you've lost an item, search for it here first, and if it hasn't already been posted as found, you should add your own “lost” post to the designated Lost and Found web page.

To get directly to the Lost & Found page, click on the “Resources” link on the top menu bar of the Intranet home page and select “Lost and Found” from the dropdown menu. Once on the page, you will see links to

  • View All Lost Items
  • Add a Lost Item
  • Modify Your Lost Items
  • Search All Lost Items

 Check it out and help Lost items become Found, and Found items get returned to their rightful owners. 


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