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Web Browser Security

It is a good idea to keep your web browser up to date to enhance security. Security updates are automatically installed for Safari when you run the Mac Software Updates. Firefox 1.5 has an automatic update option built in. However, it will not update automatically to the newest version, 2.0. If you need help upgrading Firefox, call the Help Desk (x5418) for guidance.

While storing passwords and form information can be convenient, it is not a good idea to do so. For example, if you store your password for logging into TheHub, anyone who gains access to your computer can also gain access to any confidential data that your account can view and edit. This is also a concern if you use your computer to do any personal financial banking or purchasing. To be safe, turn off the save password and store form information options.

  • Firefox
    Locate Preferences (Mac) under the Firefox menu or Options (PC) under the Tools menu. Click on the Privacy icon, and first on the “Saved Forms” tab. Clear the checkmark in the box to “Save information I enter in forms and the Search bar.” Also go to the “Passwords” tab and uncheck “Remember passwords”.
  • Safari
    Go to Preferences under the Safari menu. Click on the “Autofill” icon. At the minimum, uncheck the “Usernames and passwords” box.

While you are in the Preferences window, you might also check out some of the other features that you can control. A common one in the General options is to set your home page, the page that Safari or Firefox first opens when started up. If you browse to the page you would like your browser to start in, before you go to the General Options, you may simply click on "Set to Current Page," in Safari or "Use Current Page" in Firefox rather than typing in the URL.


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