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How to Get Our Attention

We admit it: We're often swamped! We want to prioritize and schedule our work as efficiently as possible, but we need your help. For non-emergencies, enter and track your own IT work orders in our ticketing system.

Before you pick up the phone to call us, or start to compose an email, consider whether you need help right away, or if it's more appropriate to get in the IT queue. If it's not an immediate need, you can enter a work order in our system. The help desk can enter work orders for you, but it's quicker for you to do it yourself. That will also free up the help desk personnel for situations requiring immediate attention.

Entering work orders for IT is pretty simple, especially when you're entering them for yourself:

  1. Go to (for a shortcut on campus, try typing just "thehub" into your browser (without the quote marks)).
  2. Log in using your HampNet ID.
  3. Select "Faculty" or "Employee."
  4. From the IT Trouble Tickets section select "Enter an IT Trouble Ticket."
  5. You will be asked to verify your name, location, etc.
  6. Choose the type of work from the drop down list at the bottom and click submit.
  7. If this is a computer problem, you will be given a list of computers assigned to you to choose from (if appropriate--you can select "none" if it's not related to a specific computer).
  8. Finally, you'll be asked for a description of the problem; try to be specific and clear about the problem, but don't fret: If we have questions, we can always contact you.
  9. Submit the work order and you're done!

You can track the work order from The Hub, too. Just select "Trouble Ticket Status Inquiry," and you'll be given a selection of work orders from which to choose.

For those need-immediate-attention emergencies, contact the IT help desk at x5418.


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