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Before You Change Your Email Password...

We recently sent out an announcement about changes to our password policy. Since then a lot of you have changed passwords and a few of you have run into trouble. Here's what you should know for a smooth transition.

  • If you are required to change your password you will receive an email message telling you to change it.
  • If you want to change your password now, go right ahead. There's no reason not to change it; just go to
  • If you change your password, you will also have to change it on any phones or devices that access Hampshire email or calendar services. You can find more information at
  • If you don't have your cell phone or access to email, opt out of the alternate contact method. If you choose an alternate contact method a code will be sent to the device or account, and you will have to enter the code to continue. If your cell phone isn't with you or you can't access your alternate email right away, you can backtrack and choose to opt out.
  • If you are choosing security questions, be aware there are multiple options for each question. Just click on the questions to reveal the other choices.
  • Password requirements are stricter than in the past. You will need to use at least 8 characters, one non-alphabetic character, one capital letter, and not use words found in the dictionary. Ideas for creating good passwords can be found at
  • Pick something you can remember without writing it down. Kind of defeats the purpose if you put it on a sticky note on your computer.
  • Don't have Firefox or Thunderbird remember your passwords unless you first set a master password. Firefox and Thunderbird store your passwords in plain text and will display them on command if you haven't set a master password; go to the Preferences (Mac) or Options (Windows) in Firefox or Thunderbird, select "Security," check the "Master Password" box and enter a password. Now anyone who wants to see your saved passwords will have to enter that password first.
  • Once you've changed your password you need to update phones, tablets, etc. with the new password. If you use other devices to check your email, make sure you update them with the new password. Instructions can be found at If you change your email passoword...

If you run into problems, you can contact the IT Help Desk at, or x5418.


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