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No Internet Connection? Are you File Sharing?

If you're having trouble getting a connection to the outside world from your computer despite the fact that you're connected to an on-campus network, check your file sharing software.

Hampshire IT allows a maximum of 40 connections to the Internet at any one time through a single on-campus computer. When that limit is reached, you will be unable to establish any more connections to the outside world. You will still be able to access on-campus resources, and perhaps Five College resources, but anything beyond will be unavailable.

If you're reaching this limit it's most likely because file sharing software such as uTorrent is using too many connections. You can either shut down file sharing, or dial down the number of connections you allow it to use. If you choose the latter, you'll probably find the settings in the Preferences' Bandwidth area; look for the maximum number of connections and set it to something less than 40.

Of course it goes without saying that sharing copyrighted material without the permission of the copyright owner is illegal, right?


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