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Can't Print? Check your Wireless Network

If you're connected wirelessly and trying to access printing, servers, or Datatel, you've got to be on the "wallace" network.

We maintain two wireless networks on campus, "hampguest" and "wallace." As you might suspect, "hampguest" is intended for guests to the Hampshire campus. It doesn't require any registration process--anyone within range can connect--but we block off certain services. Unavailable services include printing, access to servers (including newmisserver), and Datatel.

The "wallace" network is for use by Hampshire community members only. Every device that uses "wallace" has to register with it once a year by providing a Hampshire login ID and password. This keeps access to it limited, and allows us safely to offer services on it that we wouldn't want to open up to the general public.

Sometimes, though, Hampshire computers might pick up the "hampguest" signal instead of "wallace." This can happen implicitly (the computer automatically connects to it because it's first in the list of wireless networks available) or explicitly (the user might choose it from a list of available networks). If this happens to you, you might not notice until you tried to access one of the restricted services; the error message wouldn't tell you that you're on the wrong wireless network, it would just indicate the service is unavailable.

So, next time printing, Datatel, or access to a server isn't working for you on campus, if you're working wirelessly check what network you're using. If it's "hampguest," switch over to "wallace."


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