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Tech Tips 2009

These Tech Tips are from 2009, in reverse chronological order--newest ones are on the top.

Happy Holidays! But before you go... Before disengaging yourself from all things Hampshire over the holiday season, please take a moment to prevent e-mailbox overflow. Read on for more information.
Keep Your Email Under Quota We know you're busy, but take a few minutes to reduce your inbox before it goes over quota. It will save you time in the long run.
Email Settings for Home and Campus With all of the phishing scams going on throughout the cyberworld, internet service providers have been changing rules for sending email. Find out how to set up email to work correctly on and off campus.
Tech Tip of the Week: Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Porn Virus*(for Students)
*but were afraid to ask. It's real, it's out there, and we can help you get rid of it. Better yet: Don't fall for it.
Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Porn Virus*(for Faculty * Staff)
*but were afraid to ask. It's real, it's out there, and we can help you get rid of it. Better yet: Don't fall for it.
Quick Tip for Replying to Messages in Thunderbird When you reply to an email message does the quote of the message you're responding to show up above your message? Send it down where it belongs with this quick tip.
Your Home Directory Did you know that Hampshire IT provides all faculty and staff with server storage space? You can store things securely, such as for backups, as well as put things in a public folder. Read on to find out how to access yours.
Have you Explored the New Intranet? The redesigned Intranet interface was rolled out several weeks ago. Have you noticed the new links and resources? Do you know about the portals? Here's a quick guide to some of the highlights.
Tired of Spam? If your email is reminding you of the old Monty Python sketch (spam, spam, spam, eggs and spam...), it's time to change your Spam Assassin settings.
How to Kill your Laptop in 2 Easy Steps ...and void the warranty, too! What's the secret? Read on.
Calibrate your Laptop Battery Laptop batteries require occasional calibration to keep in sync with the computer. Read on to find out what you need to do.
Where to Save your Files In olden days (say, 1995 or so), operating systems expected you to create your own organization for your hard drive. These days, the OS expects you to follow its rules. What are they? Why bother? Read on.
How to Get Our Attention We admit it, we're swamped! We want to prioritize and schedule our work as efficiently as possible, but we need your help. For non-emergencies, enter and track your own IT work orders in our ticketing system.
Protect your Computer from Theft There have been several thefts of computers on campus over the past few months, don't let it happen to you! Use common sense and a lock and you can save yourself the cost of a new computer. Read on for suggestions.
Please Don't Feed the Phish! When you receive unsolicited email that requests your user name, password, or other personal information, don't reply; that just feeds into the scheme. Please read on for details.
Keep File Names Short and Sweet File names should be descriptive, but they also must be live within the limitations of file systems. As files are moved from place to place, long or unusual names may become incompatible. Read on for specific tips.
Newmisserver is Not a Backup Server Newmisserver is intended as a sharing point for departmental files, but recently we've found a lot of computer backups on it. If you're using newmisserver to back up, here's what to do instead.
The New Employee Computing Request Form If you're hiring a new employee, your work doesn't end with the offer acceptance. To ensure a smooth transition, please be sure to fill out the New Employee Computing Request Form well before the start date.
Dude, Where's my File Menu? If you're due for a new PC, you'll find we've put Microsoft Office 2007 on it. Things are just a little different in this new version of Office, but there's help out there. Read on to find out where to get it.
The Care and Feeding of Laptops Laptops have become common, and we carry them everywhere. It's easy to forget that they're still expensive pieces of electronic equipment and can easily be damaged. Read on for some suggestions on laptop care.
A Wolf in Sheep's Clothing? Spyware developers are becoming more and more devious. Often what looks like a helpful offer to disinfect your computer is actually an undercover attack. What to do?
Saving Documents as PDF's Need to create a PDF of a Word file or other document? Here's how.
Back from that Vacation Yet? OK, so we've beaten you over the head with the whole "set up your out-of-office phone and email messages" thing. Now we want to make sure you turn them off when you return.
Password Security Have you ever given out your password? When is the last time you changed your password? Is your password strong or weak? Being lax with your password can affect people across campus and beyond. Here are some password tips.
Improving Zimbra's Reminders If you're using the new Zimbra calendar system but need appointment reminders that are more in-your-face, we've got just the ticket.
Energy Saving Tips for your Computer Computers and other electronics account for a growing energy load in most homes and offices. We've got some tips to help you minimize their power consumption.
Is Sophos Working for You? Sophos is a virus detection and removal tool installed on all Hampshire computers. Frequent updates are essential for it, but a recent bug may have prevented Sophos updates from installing. Is this affecting you?
Who You Gonna Call? Computer been crashing lately? Had problems with it that you write off as being due to your lack of expertise, or just accept as the cost of relying on technology? Don't keep it to yourself, call us!
Prevent Overheating With summer here, we'll be re-running some of our previous Tech Tips that are still timely. This week, as the temperature outside rises, how you can keep your computer cool.
Cookies and Cache Web browsers store information on your computer. This is generally helpful, but can occasionally cause problems. Find out when to clear and when to keep.
Have a Great Summer! But before you go... Before you head off on summer adventures, please take a moment to prevent e-mailbox overflow. A couple of precautionary steps can save yourself, and IT, the headache of exceeding your quota.
Bring Your Inbox Under Quota It's springtime: Flowers are blooming, birds are chirping, and email is overflowing. We know you're busy, but take a few minutes to reduce your inbox before it goes over quota.
A Different Sort of Virus Protection Whether you're trying to avoid swine flu or the common cold, computer areas public and private pose a potential risk for infection. Do you know the four germiest office surfaces and how to disinfect them?
Viewing Threads and Groups in Thunderbird If you've got a lot of email in Thunderbird, viewing options such as threads and groups can help you quickly home in on the messages you're looking for.
Three Simple Steps to More Efficient Email We see a lot of overflowing email accounts, and do notice three common habits that make email inefficient. You can avoid these pretty easily, just keep reading.
Avoiding E-mail Overflow Keeping your inbox down to a reasonable size requires some attention and planning. These tips will help you to reduce the volume on a daily basis.
Learning from Security Scares The Conficker worm scare might just fizzle out without significant damage, but there are lots of malware threats out there. This week we'd like to recap important computer security practices.
Abuse of Powerstrips We recommend that you plug your computer into a surge protector. But if that power strip also has a heater, air conditioner, printer, or other high-draw electrical item, you're asking for trouble. Read on for more.
Dude, Where's my File Menu? If you've got a PC and have taken advantage of our Office 2007 upgrade this week, you'll find it looks just a little bit different. If you're confused, there's help out there--just keep reading.
Backup your Data. Now. Please. No one is immune to hard drive failure. It can happen when your computer is sitting untouched; in fact, we've been seeing that quite a lot lately. Keeping current backups is the only protection.
Breathing Room As computers have increased in power, the amount of heat they create has also risen. Here are some tips to ensure your computer has room to breathe.
Guarding Against New Malware Threats This past week we discovered a new technique in malicious software: dialog boxes that interpret any interaction as an invitation to infect your computer. What can you do when any place you click is unsafe?
Computer + Liquid = Trouble Liquids and computers don't mix. Read this tip and learn what to do. If disaster does strike you will be able to act quickly!
Technical Expertise at your Fingertips Have you checked out our Technical Help Online Resources (THOR)? They're a part of the Hampshire website, and contain information and procedures that we're commonly asked about.
Is Sophos Working for You? Sophos is a virus detection and removal tool installed on all Hampshire computers. Frequent updates are essential for it, but a recent bug may have prevented Sophos updates from installing. Is this affecting you?
The Student Diagnostic Center For a nominal fee of absolutely nothing the Student Diagnostic Center will do their best to fix the problems that are making your computer unusable and unreliable.
Accessing Voicemail through Email Did you know that you can have your Hampshire voicemail messages forwarded to your email? Read on for information about how to get this set up for your phone, as well as some tips for using it.
The Importance of Being Updated Microsoft and Apple regularly release software updates to the operating system and applications. These updates are often the delivery mechanism for security patches, and it's important that you install them.
Out With the Old! The new year is a good time to think about things that might be becoming outdated. If you've stashed away old files that you may need to reference some day, will their file format or medium soon be obsolete?
The Fine Art of Writing Subject Lines When scanning new messages or searching through old ones, the subject line of an email is a critical indicator of content. So why are so many poorly constructed, or even non-existent?

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