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The Student Diagnostic Center

For a nominal fee of absolutely nothing, the staff of the Student Diagnostic Center will do their best to fix the problems that are making your computer unusable and unreliable.

The Student Diagnostic Center may be able to help you recover your work before you send your Mac or PC for repair, even if it’s still under warranty.

What We Can Do:

  • We will make every effort to save all of your school, work, and other important data.
  • We can remove Spyware, Adware, Pop-ups, and Viruses from your computer.
  • We can resolve Windows and Macintosh configuration problems that are creating issues with your computer.
  • Upgrade important software on your computer to make your system functions the way it’s supposed to.
  • Occasionally work small miracles and save your data from a dead computer.

We Cannot:

  • Give you software that you do not have
  • Fix hardware problems for computers under warranty.
  • Give you a new copy of Windows
  • Back up all of your music
  • Make your computer better than it is
  • It is not possible for us to get data off of a computer that is completely dead. Please don’t be mad at our student workers if we can’t make miracles happen.

The DC is located on the third floor of the library. Take a right off of the elevator and then a quick left. The direct telephone number is 413.559.6602. Before you bring in your computer, please know a few things:

  • We are only open from 9 a.m. through 5 p.m. Monday through Friday. You cannot pick up or drop off your computer any time other than within these hours. So you probably shouldn’t bring in your computer after 4:00 p.m. on a Friday afternoon unless you don’t mind it sitting in our office all weekend.
  • If you have a laptop computer, please bring THE POWER SUPPLY FOR YOUR LAPTOP!!! We DO NOT have a power supply that fits every laptop in use on this campus.
  • If you have a desktop computer, we do not need you to bring any cables at all. Just bring in your tower. We have a hand cart that you can borrow as long as you leave us ID.
  • Make sure you have all the CDs that came with your computer and software. We don’t have every version of software, and if we need to reinstall your operating system, we need to have the install disks if you want your software.
  • Check your warranty information. Remember, we cannot fix some computer problems when the computer is still under warranty.

Find more information at The Student Diagnostic Center webpage. You can contact the helpdesk at 413.559.5418 or email with questions or for further assistance.


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