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Writing Evaluation Criteria

Writing Evaluation Criteria

Student needs intervention

Student is on the way but needs to work on some writing issues

Student is ready for Div II

Comprehension of material

Confusion over assignment and/or source material; unfamiliarity with conventions of discourse

Awareness of main points but missing details or more complex connections

Insight into arguments; understanding of material


Feelings, impressions, summary description or simple assertion

Mix of opinion and argument/evidence without a clear point of view

Clear, supported claims leading to a point of view. Important terms and concepts are defined.


Confused or arbitrary order

Structure of inconsistent quality; choppy transitions; sometimes imitates order of source material

Parts of the paper progress logically to form a whole argument

Paragraph coherence

Paragraph contains multiple points in random order

Sentences address a single topic but appear in arbitrary order

Paragraph develops a controlling idea

Use of evidence

Spare, misinterpreted details without apparent connection to larger points Basic supporting evidence but without sufficient detail Persuasive, sufficient, representative, and relevant evidence

Clarity and coherence of expression

Vague constructions; improper word usage

Sentence construction is simple and repetitious, includes some inflated diction, colloquial language and/or imprecise expression

Clear sentences; precise word usage and appropriate tone

Grammar and Mechanics

Ungrammatical constructions and punctuation errors; faulty sentence structure

Acceptable sentence structure; infrequent grammar errors

Mastery of mechanics of writing and style

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