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Current Programs and Projects

A Teaching Circle is a self-directed group of faculty who work together in a sustained way on a common issue related to their teaching and to student learning. Teaching circles are currently supported by a Mellon grant for faculty renewal, allowing us to pay stipends to participants. In order to receive stipends, faculty in teaching circles must follow the Guidelines for Teaching Circles

Workshops are individual sessions or a short series of sessions that engage participants in a particular topic about teaching and learning. They can take place in the CTL itself or elsewhere on campus if a larger venue is required.

Workshop Calendar
See a calendar of workshops.

Workshop Proposals
Faculty and staff can propose and run a workshop through the Center for Teaching and Learning. To do so, write a proposal at


The CTL is a workspace for faculty and staff to talk about teaching and student learning. So long as the space is not booked for workshops, it is available for your use. Check the calendar and sign out the key in the dean of faculty office.


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