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Massachusetts ID and License

You may have found it necessary to provide additional proof of identification when in stores, or perhaps you have found it inconvenient always to carry your passport as identification when you write a check in a store. You may therefore want to consider applying for a Massachusetts ID card through a Registry of Motor Vehicles (RMV) branch office. In order to apply for a state ID, you need to have a Social Security number and pay $25.

The Registry of Motor Vehicles in Hadley has closed. You still may apply by going to the Registry of Motor Vehicles in Easthampton or Greenfield, Massachusetts.

Documents needed to apply. All must be originals:

1. Completed ID application form
2. Passport
3. Your I-20 form
4. I-94
5. Hampshire ID card
6. Social Security card
7. $25.00 to pay for the application (you may pay with a credit card, cash, or a check made out to "Registry of Motor Vehicles")
8. If you live off campus, a bill or letter with your name and address on it.
9. If you live on campus, contact the housing operations office (, 413.559.5453) to request a letter from their office on College letter head that states your mod/dorm address.
10. A letter provided by the international student advisor that will confirm your full-time student status and Social Security number.
11. Proof of signature. See list of acceptable forms.

NOTE ABOUT SOCIAL SECURITY NUMBERS: If you do not have a Social Security number, you should apply for one and wait until you receive it before applying for a Massachusetts state ID. NOTE: If you have a U.S. passport, you will be expected to show another document that displays your signature, e.g., documents you signed for the financial aid office. Your signature on a credit card will not be accepted.

NOTE: You must have a Massachusetts liquor ID if you want to use it to prove that you are of legal drinking age (21). The Massachusetts state ID card will not work for that purpose. You will need to use the same application form to apply for the Massachusetts liquor ID. The application fee is $25.00.

The learner's permit can be obtained on a walk-in basis (though you should review the Driver License Manual in advance) and costs $30. To make an appointment for a road test for a license, call 1.800.858.3926 (cost $20). The license costs $50 and is valid for 5 years. The application is the same for the state ID. Documentation needed for your application is the same as for the state ID.

The RMV indicates that "if a student has a home country license, he or she is allowed to drive in Massachusetts for one year from the date of entry" if the license was issued by a country that has signed the Road Traffic Convention of 1949. Check with the RMV to see which countries are included.

If you don't know how to drive, you will need to contact a local driving school and arrange to take driving lessons. 


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