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Operations and Initiatives Related to the Healthy Food Transition

Operations and initiatives related to the Healthy Food Transition

Hampshire College Farm: A working farm, as well as a research, education, and outreach facility, dedicated to sustainable agriculture

Tomatoes, spinach, turnips, and so much more, at the Hampshire CSA: Community members learn a lot about the management of Hampshire’s Community Supported Agriculture program (CSA). The CSA model of farming directly links consumers to farmers, and the Hampshire CSA provides fresh organic produce to over 200 families and groups on the campus and local community.

Honey, hay, eggs, meat, and bees and trees, too: Hampshire’s heritage-breed Dutch Belted cows produce high-quality, rich milk on a grass-feed diet. Other animals on the farm include a brood of egg-laying hens, a drove of pigs, a pair of heritage-breed sheep, several hives of bees, and one very watchful llama.

Bon Appétit Management manages the food and operations of our dining commons and the Bridge Café, and provides catering for all events on campus. Bon Appétit Management has long been a recognized leader in providing fresh, cooked-from-scratch, and responsibly sourced food to college students.

The Prescott Tavern is managed by students, with Mixed Nuts currently offering an assortment of snacks and drinks. Students are working on a plan to transform the tavern into a student-run cooperative cafe and community center that offers hot food, art and performances, and other events.

Food, Farm, and Sustainability Institute: The 6-week summer Food, Farm, and Sustainability (FFS) Institute is designed to challenge students to explore the intersections between agriculture, food, environmental science, and policy, culture, and history.


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