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Process and Progress

To: Hampshire College Community:

As you know, the Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has completed its work. We are now sending you the list of initiatives, in draft form that the SPC has selected for consideration in the next phase of the process. These initiatives are the culmination of the all-community visioning forums in February and the subsequent work of the SPC. This list of initiatives is not final. In the next stage it will be pared down to a more manageable number. In July, that list of initiatives will be assigned to the appropriate departments/experts who will then create implementation plans, assess both costs and the feasibility of raising resources.

We are bringing these initiatives to the community at this stage because we want to open the process up at a this critical turning point. Given that all of these initiatives are still being discussed, this is an important opportunity to have your voice heard in framing these issues. You may visit to review and comment on the initiatives. For those who wish to send feedback in other ways you may do so via intranet by visiting

We ask that you submit your feedback by June 15. We appreciate your help once again in this important process!

Marlene Gerber Fried

Dear Community Members,

I'd like to thank everyone who took the time to participate in the visioning sessions last week. The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) is already sorting through all of the great data that was generated through this process. Here are the committee's next steps as well as some ways that you can continue to participate in the strategic planning process.

Current Phase: Strategic Plan Development: Gathering, Sorting, Analysis

Based on community input garnered from the visioning sessions, the SPC will determine 6-10 strategic goals. We will then divide into subcommittees based on these goals in order to mine all of the SPC data sources (including continuing public input) in order to surface and sort all proposed initiatives and projects under the 6-10 strategic goals. Following this process the subcommittees may bring in area experts to inform their analysis of the projects. "Area Experts" may include students, faculty, staff, administration, alums, parents, and trustees as well as individuals from outside of the Hampshire community. For example, if Sustainability were to become one of our goals, the relevant subcommittee might speak with members of the environmental committee, institutional advancement officers, trustees, architects, the Farm Center and the physical plant leadership staff, among other area experts to inform how initiatives around this goal should be considered and prioritized. Subcommittees will report their progress in weekly SPC meetings. At the conclusion of this phase in mid-March, we expect to have around 40 projects that are associated with each goal and prioritized with regard to their potential impact, required resources, risk, implementation difficulty, and financial viability, among other criteria. This work will be documented on the SPC website.

Community Input
During this phase community input is invited with regard to the visioning sessions experience, mission and vision statements, visioning session briefing documents, proposed initiatives and projects. Written responses will be easiest for the committee to process. Please direct your input to:

Next Phase: Project Management: Formalize and Sequence Projects

In late March through April we will work with the senior administration and the Board of Trustees to further refine and cost the prioritized projects. As part of this process we will develop language for the strategic plan that is specific to each subcommittee's work. Concurrently, another subcommittee of the SPC will finalize our mission and values statements. Throughout this phase, the SPC will be mindful of values that were so clearly reflected in the visioning sessions and subsequent discussions.

Community Input
During this phase community input and critique will again be solicited through a variety of means.

Final Phase: Writing the Strategic Plan

In early May the committee will assemble a final strategic plan with mission, values, critical issues, goals, and initiatives/projects and share it with the community through the website, and meetings with faculty, staff, students, and trustees. The strategic plan will be in place when the new President takes office.

Implementation Committee
A committee will be formed to develop a strategy for the implementation of the strategic plan. This work will begin in June.


Bill Brayton
Chair, Strategic Planning Committee

Chart of Project Schedule
View a chart that illustrates the strategic planning project schedule:

Strategic planning project schedule updated 2/8/2011 (pdf)

Strategic planning project schedule (pdf)


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