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Committee Members

Jay W. Vogt 72F, Peoplesworth

Strategic Planning Committee

Bill Brayton, committee chair and professor of art, School for Interdisciplinary Arts
Mark Spiro, committee vice-chair and vice president for finance and administration
Diana Fernández, committee staff and executive assistant to the President

Clay Ballantine, chief advancement officer
Carla Costa, assistant director, Design, Art and Technology Program
Amnat Chittaphong, assistant dean of students for community advocacy
Jaime Dávila, special presidential assistant for diversity and multicultural education
Dawn Ellinwood, dean of students
Marlene Gerber Fried, interim President
Alan Goodman, vice president for academic affairs and dean of the faculty
Andrea Heredia 07F, student
Rebecca Holland 77F, trustee
Katie Irwin, co-director of global education and director of campus internationalization
Stephan Jost 87F, trustee
Kara Lynch, associate professor of video production, School of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies
Nick Marshall-Butler 07F, student
Lourdes Mattei, associate professor of clinical psychology, School of Critical Social Inquiry (Social Science)
Sigmund Roos 73F, chair, board of trustees
Eva Rueschmann, dean of advising
Jason Tor, associate professor of microbiology, School of Natural Science
Zilong Wang 09F, student trustee alternate
Laura Wenk, associate professor of cognition and education, School of Cognitive Science


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