Jaime Dávila

Associate Professor of Computer Science

Jaime Dávila, associate professor of computer science, obtained his Ph.D. from the City University of New York.

His main research interest is in the area of genetic optimization of neural networks for human-like tasks. He is currently using neural networks to solve symbolic/cognitive tasks, including team-based 3D computer games, resource allocation during medical emergencies, and maze navigation.

His papers have been presented at conferences such as the International Joint Conference on Neural Networks, the International Conference on Artificial Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms, the Congress on Evolutionary Computation, the International Conference on Neural Information Processing, the Conference of the American Association for Artificial Intelligence, and the CUNY Human Sentence Processing Conference.

School of Cognitive Science

Recent and Upcoming Courses
CS-0291: Software Engineering (Spring 2014)
CS-0244: Privacy in the Age of the Internet (Spring 2014)
CS-0287: Evolution of Artificial Neural Networks (Fall 2013)
CS-121T: Programming Artificial Life (Fall 2013)


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Jaime Davila
Associate Professor of Computer Science
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