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Institutional Grants

Hampshire College is about to embark on a strategic planning process that will yield new priorities throughout the College. In the interim, the Office of Foundation and Government Relations is focusing on core needs and existing priorities. We are supporting institutional grant working groups created for the purpose of doing program planning and proposal writing.

Current working groups include:

  1. Education Outreach: Led by Childhood, Youth, and Learning, this group of interdisciplinary faculty and staff hopes to coordinate Hampshire’s outreach initiatives via faculty and students in local primary and secondary schools.
  1. Sites and Citations: Led by faculty from the School of Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies (HACU), this working group is planning an integrated humanities institute that will focus on memory and feature a peer reviewed e-journal, lecture series, fellowships, and a faculty series.
  1. Art and Technology: Led by faculty from Interdisciplinary Arts; Humanities, Arts, and Cultural Studies; and Cognitive Science, this working group is planning a program that supports the convergence of art and technology at Hampshire.
  1. Global Migrations: Led by faculty from the School of Social Science, members of this group have joined forces to re-conceptualize and to secure the future of the Global Migrations program.
  1. Community-Engaged Learning: This working group is led by faculty and staff involved in forming partnerships with community-based organizations and creating curricula with a community-based learning component. The working group hopes to create a consolidated infrastructure that will support faculty and student social action work in local, national and international communities.
  1. Culture, Brain, and Development: A highly visible, cross-disciplinary program, CBD was established in 2003 by faculty interested in the intersection of brain sciences, anthropology, psychology, philosophy, and related fields. This working group will continue to meet regularly to plan and carry out joint projects and to explore new directions.
  1. Language Learning Community: Led by the President and the dean of faculty and other faculty members, this working group is concerned with integrating the use of foreign languages in coursework throughout the curriculum and expanding the study of foreign languages by faculty and students.
  1. Civil Liberties and Public Policy: Established in 1981, CLPP is the longest-operating program at Hampshire College. It works with students and activists across the country and is nationally recognized for its reproductive rights leadership development and movement building projects. Working in partnership with its sister program in Population and Development, CLPP has extended its work to global human rights, the environment, and peace and justice issues.

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