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Merrill House

Merrill House is one of Hampshire College's two traditional style residence halls. It was built in 1970 and houses approximately 247 students in single and double rooms.

Each hall in Merrill has a long side and a short side, which are usually considered as two separate halls. Merrill also has more older students than Dakin House.

Usually no more than half of Merrill residents are first-year students.

two students knitting in common space

Merrill hallway

Merrill exterior 

Merrill exteriordorm interior with record player

Dakin/Merrill House Office
The Dakin/Merrill House office is the hub of both the dorms: here, students can find vacuums and cleaning supplies, kitchen supplies, snacks and treats, safe sex supplies, and board games.

The House Director
The Merrill house director is a live-in, professional staff member who is available to answer questions, give advice, and help with whatever issues might arise. The house director has regular office hours in the Dakin/Merrill House Office and Merrill residents are welcome to make appointments. The house director supervises the Merrill interns, who are student staff members that function much like RAs within the house. They are available to support residents, reinforce community norms, and plan activities to enrich residence life. View list of all house staff >>

Floors, Sections, and Halls:
There are three sections of Merrill, each with four main floors and a basement. The sections are: A, B, and C. Sections B and C each have short basement halls. Basement rooms are on the above-ground side of the building and have full-sized windows. A hall is one floor of an entire section. So A1 is the hall that is on the first floor of section A. Merrill halls are additionally divided into a short and a long side, each with its own bathroom. One lounge is shared by both sides of the hall. All halls are co-ed unless they are specifically designated single-gender halls. Every hall has a lounge consisting of a fridge, a cooktop, a TV with cable, two couches, and a few coffee tables. Some lounges have also have an oven. Lounges on floors 2-4 have a balcony.

Each side of a hall has its own bathroom. The bathroom is co-ed unless the hall is single-gender. They each have a utility sink, two regular sinks, one or two large mirrors, two toilets, and two showers. All the toilets and showers have locking stall doors. The showers have changing areas within the stall that are curtained off from the shower itself.

Merrill Rooms:
The average single in Merrill is about 8 by 10, and comes with a dresser, mirror, divided closet (all mounted to the wall/floor), movable bed, desk, desk chair, bookshelf, and a recycling bin.

The average double is about 8 by 18, not counting the space used by the built in closet and dresser. It comes with a double set of furniture and built-ins as listed above.

Please see our room size PDF for rough floor plans of average sized rooms. It includes a regular single, an L-shaped single, and a double. Please note that individual rooms may vary in their layout or dimensions from the approximate drawings given. We are unable to provide exact measurements for each individual room on campus.

If you have your room assignment, you can check our floor plan PDF to find what type of room you have and where it is located.

Watch our short video tours of each type of room:

Merrill Room Numbers:
Example: A207
A = Section
2 = Floor
07 = Room

Basement rooms have a 0 for the floor number.

Moving Through Merrill:
Every part of Merrill can be accessed using the interconnected basement. You can go from A4 or C4 to the B-basement without ever leaving the building. No need to go outside in the winter in order to do your laundry.

Every Merrill resident receives two keys--one to the dorm room, and one that unlocks the hall’s lounge door. The main entrances can only be accessed with your ID card.

Laundry is free at Hampshire--no need to bring rolls of quarters! There is one laundry room in Merrill in the basement of section B. It has multiple washers and dryers. The machines are hooked up to the internet so you can check from your room or your phone to see if one is empty, and you can even get a text when your load has finished. More information is available on the Mac-Gray website.

While most students bring cell phones with them, each room does have a landline hook-up, and students are welcome to bring a landline phone. Those students wishing to make long distance calls need to have a calling card to do so. Room phones can receive long-distance calls. Each hall also has a landline phone that can be used for on-campus and local phone calls only. Hall phones cannot receive long distance calls.

Vending Machines:
Merrill has one soda vending machine located in the laundry room. Other snacks and drinks can be purchased at the school store, Bridge Café, Mixed Nuts coop, or in off-campus trips to the wide variety of shops the local area offers.

Student Activity Offices:
Merrill basement also contains the offices for The Omen (a student-run publication), and the student EMTs.


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