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Changing Rooms

Room assignments are made for the entire year, and you should expect to stay in your room until the spring term ends. If you are hoping to change your room assignment during the year, or in between semesters, please check out the information below and then contact the appropriate person.

My roommate/modmate and I don’t get along: If you are having a hard time with your current roommate/modmate, your intern should be your first call. Interns are trained to help residents resolve conflicts and find solutions to problems. They are happy to listen, and they are great at pointing you to the next step if what you are trying isn’t working.

If your initial efforts don’t prove fruitful, you should make an appointment with your house director to discuss the situation and enlist their help. House directors are also great listeners, and have many resources to help you create a better living environment.

Can I change my room assignment?: If you have specific needs or issues that you believe would be addressed by a change in room assignment, you will need to gain the permission of your house directors prior to getting a new room assignment from the HOO.

Make an appointment with the house director for your housing area and have a filled out when you go to the appointment.

Do mods get to fill their own vacancies?: Generally no. Housing makes all decisions about who fills mod vacancies during the year. These decisions are made on the basis of seniority and special needs, which keeps the process fair for everyone on campus.

Prior to spring semester, mods with vacancies should inform the HOO if they have friends returning from leave whom they would like to have placed in their mod. Friends living on campus will not be considered for these vacancies unless they have received special permission to move, and the space is not needed for a student with more seniority or a special need.

Can I swap rooms with someone else in my mod/hall?: Residents who want to swap rooms with each other within the same hall or mod at the time of move-in may do so, but must inform the HOO to prevent serious problems during emergencies and semester changes. Public Safety will not let you into your room if you’ve locked yourself out but aren’t officially assigned to the room. Failure to inform the housing office may result in further disciplinary action.

Residents who wish to swap rooms between semester must get the permission of the HOO prior to making such swaps. Due to the seniority of returning students, we cannot always approve all between-semester swaps.

My friend is going on leave in the spring. Can I move into that room?:
Probably not. Mod vacancies in the spring get filled by upper-classmen returning from leave, older transfer students, and students who were approved by their house directors to move due to specific needs. These students take priority over those who already have appropriate rooms on campus. Students who have a desire to move to a new room will be placed on a waiting list and will only be moved if spaces remain available.


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