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Employee Direct Deposit Policy

As of July 1, 2009, new and current full- and part-time faculty and staff and temporary and casual employees will be required to participate in mandatory direct deposit. The college will no longer issue paychecks.

Employee pay will be electronically deposited directly into one or more checking or savings accounts designated by each employee. Accounts must be established with banks or credit unions that support direct deposit. 

A list of participating banks and credit unions in the region is available from the payroll office or the office of human resources

An employee may set up multiple accounts at the same or different banking institutions for receipt of direct deposits. Participation in direct deposit will be a condition of employment. Only casual and other employees working for less than one month may be exempted from direct deposit participation. 

In certain cases the initial pay for a new employee may be provided by paycheck to allow for sufficient time to process direct deposit information with the participating banking institution. 

The Payroll Office or Human Resources will assist employees with any questions or concerns about direct deposit and also provide assistance with completing the necessary documentation. 

Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Employees returning to Hampshire after a break in service need only email the payroll office to reactivate direct deposit.


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