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The New Magic Board

The New Magic Board is a projection gallery showcasing photography, film/video, animation, graphics, lightshows, and other hybrid forms created by Hampshire students, faculty, staff, and guests. Projected on a 19x11 ghosted glass wall at the entrance to the lobby of the library, the gallery is a canvas for installations of curated shows, solo or group, displayed during the library’s open hours.

A laboratory for experimentation and play with light, the New Magic Board harkens back to primitive shadow making and later the development of magic lantern shows, phantasmagorias, shadow plays, expanded cinema and laser concerts. A curatorial committee selects work that creatively utilizes the full projection frame, existing six-channel digital juxtapositions, and/or innovative light effects.

Call for Proposals
The curatorial committee seeks proposals for shows that either creatively and dynamically utilize the full projection frame, existing six-channel digital juxtapositions, innovative light effects, and/or that explore curricular themes. In addition to rotating installations of projected visual work, the committee will consider proposals for small, time-based performances arranged in front of or behind the screen.

The screen is three columns of frosted glass, each measuring 75” wide by 138” tall, making a single triptych over 18ft by 11ft. Digital images are displayed on 6 discrete projections (full frame images are 1280 X 800 pixels). These are 6 HDMI projectors, each independently synced to 6 mac-minis. #Set-up and adjustments to installations must be completed during media services office hours, unless otherwise arranged with media staff.

Any non-digital projections must not interfere with permanently installed projectors; the space is qa public thoroughfare with difficult acoustics. The rear projection room is about 18.5’ wide by 12’ tall by 12.5’ deep. The six digital projectors are permanently fixed, but there is a great deal of room to experiment with non-standard, laser, or analog projections, as well as utilize different lighting, scrim, and shadow box techniques.

If you have any questions or would like to submit a proposal, email us.



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