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Digital Video and Still Cameras

Media services circulates a variety of audio visual and media production equipment. We provide equipment for classroom use, special event services, academic work, and personal use. Come to our office on the main floor of the library to fill out an Equipment Request Form.

Please read our borrowing policies to understand fully the terms of loans. Click the links below for information and operating manuals for each camera.

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We offer a variety of standard definition and high definition digital video cameras that record to MiniDV tapes (not provided) and SD cards (1 card per camera). Access to our cameras is based on experience, division, and coursework. 

We provide low-end point and shoot cameras for all students and provide high-end prosumer cameras for production students who pay equipment fees and are enrolled in production courses in the film/video departments.

All Students

Sony TRV17  TRV20  TRV900  HC28

Film/Video Students

DIV I  Sony TRV950,  Canon HV20

DIV II  Canon HV30Canon VIXIA HF-S100 (tapeless HD)Panasonic HS300 (tapeless HD)Panasonic DVX-100

DIV III  Panasonic HMC-150 (tapeless HD), Canon XH-A1 (miniDV, HDV), Panasonic DVX-100A, DVX-100B

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The digital still cameras we offer record images on SD cards (provided) and are open to all divisions. All images are to be moved off the camera and onto a computer before being returned to media services. Images left on the cameras will be deleted upon return. 


Sony DSC P8, DSC-S85, DSC-W80, DSC-F717

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We also carry a variety of video and still camera accessories. As with cameras, access to our tripods, lights, and other mounts is based on experience, division, and coursework. Training will be provided for if deemed necessary and/or is requested. Some tripods and lights are available to all divs.

All Students 


Film/Video Students

Div II/Div III

Glide Cam, Track Dolly


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