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Faculty News and Notes Archive

Winter 2013/2014

Afrofuturism: Artists on Three Continents Explore “Black to the Future”
Hampshire professor Daniel Kojo Schrade is one of three artists featured in the upcoming show at the Goethe Institut in Washington D.C.

Professor Michael Lesy Interviewed on Here and Now
Professor Michael Lesy was interviewed on Boston NPR's Here and Now about his his latest book Repast, written with his wife Lisa Stoffer.

The End of Ambiguity in the East China Sea
Professor Michael Klare writes for Foreign Affairs on the tensions between China, Japan, and the U.S. over disputed islands in the East China Sea.

Hampshire College Professor To Receive Technical Achievement Award
The Hampshire College community is definitely excited about the 2014 Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences awards season.

Grant for Purchase of Scientific Equipment
Dula AmarasiriwardenaHampshire College has been awarded a 2014 Pittsburgh Conference Memorial National College Grant (PCMNCG) for the purchase of scientific equipment.

Professor Kay Johnson on China's revised One Child Policy
Professor Kay Johnson's commentary on China's revised one child policy is published in the most recent issue of PopDev's Different Takes.

Professor kara lynch’s Work in “The Wayland Rudd Collection”
Russian Journal 1989-1999, an installation and video by Professor kara lynch, is part of “The Wayland Rudd Collection,” an exhibition in New York City’s Winkleman Gallery January 17 – February 15.

"The Terrifying Myth of Big Oil Omnipotence"
Prof. Michael Klare writes for on the realities of future oil production and the myth of omnipotence.

New Professors in the School of Critical Social Inquiry
The School of Critical Social Inquiry welcomed three new faculty members this year: Assistant Professor of Economics Lynda Pickbourn, Assistant Professor of African Studies Rachel Ama Asaa Engmann, and Assistant Professor of Queer Studies Stephen Dillon.

Architecture Award for Professor Naomi Darling
Professor Naomi Darling is a winner of the American Institute of Architecture New England (AIANE) 2013 Citation Award for Excellence in Architecture.

Rushing for the Arctic's Riches
Professor Michael Klare writes for the Times' Sunday Review on the risk of conflict over contested territories.

Professor and Students Collaborate on Exhibit
Professor Naomi Darling’s class “Journey and Narrative in Designed Space” worked with alum and curator Patricia Klindienst71F in the design and spatial organization of the exhibit No One Remembers Alone: Memory, Migration, and the Making of an American Family currently at the Yiddish Book Center.

Dining Out with Prof. Michael Lesy
Prof. Michael Lesy and coauthor Lisa Stoffer's new book, Repast: Dining Out at the Dawn of the New American Century, 1900-1910 is reviewed in GQ by alum Brett Martin 89F.

Fall 2013

Developing a Pearl Millet Thresher
The work of an applied design professor and her students at Hampshire College may result in a greater yield and more efficient preparation of one of the dietary staples of sub-Saharan Africa.

“Tree Wars”
Professor of Anthropology and Asian Studies Susan Darlington was interviewed by Australian ABC Radio International.

CD of Japanese Lullabies
Professor of Film and Photography Abraham Ravett has produced a new CD of Japanese lullabies, which were recorded in rural Japan in 1993. The CD was a collaborative project with Hampshire alum Ryan Mihaly 08F.

Michael Lesy Featured in Boston Globe
Prof. Michael Lesy and coauthor Lisa Stoffer are interviewed about their upcoming book, Repast: Dining Out at the Dawn of the New American Century, 1900-1910.

Bernstein’s Theory to be Tested on Space Station
A theory—SuperDense quantum teleportation—posed by Hampshire College physics professor Herbert Bernstein will be tested on the International Space Station.

Nominated for Literature Prize
Professor Uzma Aslam Khan’s novel, Thinner Than Skin, has been nominated for the 2014 DSC Prize for South Asian Literature.

NSF Grant to Support Research on Evolutionary Computation
Hampshire College Professor of Computer Science Lee Spector has received a $42,000 grant from the National Science Foundation to support his research on evolutionary computation.

Professor's Film as Part of 16th RIDM
Professor of Film and Photography Abraham Ravett’s recent film, Notes for a Polish Jew, will show November 8-24 as part of the 16th RIDM (Rencontres internationales du documentaire de Montréal) Canada.

Saxophonist and Composer Marty Ehrlich Releases New Recording
Released by New World Records, the album 'A Trumpet in the Morning' is Professor Marty Ehrlich's first recording in 13 years devoted entirely to his large ensemble compositions.

Professor Published in American Anthropologist
Professor Alan Goodman’s “Bringing Culture into Human Biology and Biology Back into Anthropology” was published in the September American Anthropologist. An expanded version of his 2007 American Anthropological Association presidential address, the article draws upon work of emerging scholars, including Naomi Azar 97F’s Division III, and extends his theoretical work on the dialectics of biology and culture. Contributing Writer
Philosophy and political theory professor Falguni Sheth has joined as a contributing writer on the Politics Team.

'Cosmic Bling'
Salman Hameed, associate professor of integrated science and humanities, writes about the collision of two neutron stars for the Express Tribune.

Hampshire College Mourns the Loss of David E. Smith
It is with great sadness that I write to inform you of the death of David E. Smith, professor emeritus of English and American Studies.

Professor Andrea Dezsö Exhibition
Without Myself, an exhibition of artwork by professor Andrea Dezsö is on view at the Nancy Margolis Gallery from September 12 through October 19, 2013. The opening reception will take place Thursday, September 12 from 6-8 p.m.

Bugs under Benches’s “Science in Mind” blog features Hampshire ecology professor Noah Charney looking for bugs from a bench.

Bill Brand's Masstransiscope Given Second Life
Professor Bill Brand's underground "Masstransiscope" installation in New York City, which appears animated as subway riders pass by, was restored after it was damaged during Hurricane Sandy.

'The Third Carbon Age'
Author and Professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael Klare blogs for the Huffington Post about energy and economics in the climate-change era.

Film Professor Gives New Life to Filmmaker's Work
At Hampshire College, film professor Abraham Ravett and his students give a second life for filmmaker Tom Joslin’s 1970s footage.

Professor Michael Lesy Receives Guggenheim Fellowship
Hampshire College professor Michael Lesy receives a Guggenheim Fellowship for work on his newest book project, Looking Backward: Images of the World, 1900-1910.

2013 Gruber Awards for Excellence in Advising and Teaching
Professor of Ecology Charlene D’Avanzo and Assistant Professor of Mathematics Sarah Hews were chosen as recipients of the 2013 David Gruber Awards for Excellence in Advising and Teaching.

Professor on 'Can A Few Monks Save the Cardamom Forest?'
Professor Susan Darlington is quoted in 'Can A Few Monks Save the Cardamom Forest?' about monks who use tree ordination as a means to protect endangered forests.

A Gift to Support Humanities Students’ Research
A $5,000 gift from Assistant Professor of German and Comparative Literature Alicia E. Ellis and artist and former visiting faculty member David H. Munson will be used to establish Hampshire College’s new Humanities Research Book Grant.

'Urdu floating at the edge of our Solar System'
Salman Hameed, associate professor of integrated science and humanities, writes about Voyager 1 for the Express Tribune.

'Anticipating a Glorious Death of Our Sun'
Salman Hameed, associate professor of integrated science and humanities, writes for the Express Tribune about the demise of the Ring Nebula and the future of our sun.

Professor and Contributing Writer on 'Bulbs and Roots'
Lawrence J. Winship, professor of botany, writes about the ability of wild bulbs and tubers to plant themselves.

"Understanding Reproductive Justice: A Response to O’Brien"
Hampshire professor Marlene Gerber Fried is lead author for a piece on the history and content of the reproductive justice framework and movement.

Ravett Recordings Preserve “A Certain Kind of Life”
Film and photography professor Abraham Ravett takes on projects for varied reasons. But underlying his decades of diverse work is a constant urge, a process of "resurrecting, archiving, and bringing a certain kind of life" to the images and sounds he records.

Lesy Awarded Guggenheim Fellowship
Michael Lesy, a professor of literary journalism at Hampshire College, has been awarded a Guggenheim Fellowship to support his research.

Professor Omar Dahi on "The Rise of the South"
Economics professor Omar Dahi was a panelist at a conference organized by the Committee on Global Thought at Columbia University. The conference focused on "The Rise of the South: Human Progress in a Diverse World."

Fulbright U.S. Scholar Award for Hampshire Professor
Professor Rachel Rubinstein has been selected as a Fulbright U.S. Scholar to Israel, where she will lecture and conduct research during academic year 2013-2014.

Spring/Summer 2013

Exploring How Microorganisms May Help Form Minerals
Are living things involved in the creation of minerals? Hampshire College microbiology professor Jason Tor and an interdisciplinary team of Five College consortium professors recently received a $40,000 grant from the Keck Geology Consortium to investigate just that.

'Powder Keg in the Pacific'
Professor Michael Klare writes for the Huffington Post,, and TomDispatch about prospects for war in the East China Sea.

Quantum Teleportation Theory Pushes Boundaries in Field
It can’t beam you to distant planets, but a theory posed by physics professor Herbert Bernstein deemed SuperDense quantum teleportation has proven interesting to NASA and others pushing the boundaries of the field of quantum physics.

Professor Reports on High-Spirited Debate for the Guardian
Professor Salman Hameed writes for the Guardian about a recent panel event in London whose topic was Muslim thoughts on evolution.

Professor Quoted in "Has Humanity’s Explosion Become a Population Bomb?"
Betsy Hartmann, professor of development studies and director of the Population and Development Program, argues against the so-called "population bomb."

Alan Goodman Interviewed About RACE: Are We So Different?
Professor of Biological Anthropology Alan Goodman was on New England Public Radio discussing the idea of race and how it has been made real, challenged, and changed throughout history.

Professor Andrea Dezsö: “The Metal is Paper”
Three mosaics for the U.S. embassy in Bucharest, Romania, are only the most recent of numerous large-scale public art pieces by Andrea Dezsö.

'The United States Heads to the South China Sea': Professor Michael Klare's recent article on U.S. policy regarding the island disputes in the East and South China Seas is now the lead article at, the website of Foreign Affairs magazine.

Abraham Ravett produced and directed a two disc dvd of the great North Indian Classical vocalist Devashish Dey, performing at Smith College in April, 2012. The compilation includes a conversation with Devasish Dey recorded at Hampshire College. Made in collaboration with Hampshire College Media Services, and alums Mike Rice and Jack Furtado.

Every child is precious, political philosophy professor Falguni Sheth reminds us, reflecting on the loss of lives from drone strikes. Professor Sheth was recently interviewed on BBC Weekend as well as quoted in The Guardian.

"Building a New Syria":Economics professor Omar S. Dahi participated in a recent Carnegie Endowment conference on Building a New Syria, speaking on socio-economic challenges.

Professor Susan Darlington’s The Ordination of a Tree: A new book by Professor Sue Darlington examines a Buddhist monastic movement in Thailand that aims to reverse environmental degradation and unsustainable economic development through ordination of a tree.

Fall 2012

Hampshire Professor's Article on Blasphemy Laws in the Guardian: Salman Hameed, associate professor of integrated science and humanities, writes for the Guardian about the effects of blasphemy laws in Pakistan.

Recognition for Professor’s Members of the Tribe
Professor Rachel Rubinstein’s book Members of the Tribe: Native America in the Jewish Imagination has been awarded an honorable mention in the Cultural Studies and Media Studies category of the 2012 Jordan Schnitzer Book Awards of the Association for Jewish Studies.

Professor Marlene Gerber Fried was honored by Ibis Reproductive Health with an Evidence in Activism Award, presented November 29 at the Harvard Faculty Club in Cambridge, MA

Professor on CBC's The Nature of Things
Associate Professor of Animal Behavior Sarah Partan and her mechanical squirrel Rocky appear on CBC's The Nature of Things.

‘Trans-Asia Photography Review’
Four years ago Hampshire College photography professor Sandra Matthews established the Trans-Asia Photography Review. With the journal, she wanted both to recognize the rich history of nonwestern photography and to explore exciting contemporary work coming from the region.

Professor Chris Perry Interviewed About Collaborative Courses: Professor Chris Perry discusses Hampshire's collaborative computer graphics classes at the 2012 VIEW Conference, the premiere international event in Italy on computer graphics, interactive techniques, digital cinema, 2D/3D animation, and more.

A new edition of RACE: Are We So Different?, coauthored by Hampshire Professor Alan Goodman, explores the central idea of race and how this notion has been challenged and changed throughout history. A professor of biological anthropology, Goodman has written extensively on human variation and the biological consequences of inequality and poverty. He co-leads the national public education project sponsored by the AAA and funded by NSF and the Ford Foundation. Goodman is a past President of the AAA.

Thinking Outside the Museum: Sculptor and art professor Bill Brayton likes to show his work outdoors. This year, two of Brayton’s sculptures were selected for the outdoor exhibition Contemporary Sculpture at Chesterwood.

Professor Michael Klare on The New 'Golden Age of Oil' That Wasn't : Professor Michael Klare writes for the Huffington Post about the country's continued dependence on oil.

Fall is a Busy Season for Composer, Musician Marty Ehrlich: The fall semester is off to a lively start for jazz and contemporary music professor Marty Ehrlich.

Professor Honored for Excellence in Ecological Education: The Ecological Society of America presented its 2012 Eugene M. Odum Award to Hampshire College Professor of Ecology Charlene D’Avanzo.

Prof. Abraham Ravett's recent film, Notes for a Polish Jew will have its European premiere at the Vienna International Film Festival on November 5, 2012.

Prof. Elizabeth Hartmann recently gave the plenary talk on climate and security at the annual conference of the Peace and Justice Studies Association, this year held at Tufts University. On October 18, Hartmann will be delivering a keynote address at the Rethinking Climate Change, Conflict and Security Conference at the University of Sussex.

Hampshire College Choral Director Dr. Elaine Broad Ginsberg recently had two of her compositions performed at New York City’s Temple Emanu-El Yom Kippur services. Temple Emanu-El is the largest Reform Jewish synagogue in the world.

Hampshire College professor Falguni Sheth, author of Toward a Political Philosophy of Race to Speak at Bill of Rights Defense Committee’s 10 Year Anniversary.

Professor Omar Dahi Interviewed on New England Public Radio: Assistant Professor of Economics Omar S. Dahi is interviewed about the current civil unrest in Syria on New England Public Radio.

Professor Michael Klare reports on the APEC CEO Summit: After attending the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit, Prof. Michael Klare reports back on the state of relations between the U.S. and other Pacific Rim countries for The Nation in his article 'Putin's Pivot on Asia.'

Films by Professor Abraham Ravett will show at the Echo Park Film Center in Los Angeles on September 8 at 8 p.m. Also during September, Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA, will exhibit images from Professor Ravett’s book, The North End: 1978.

Professor Interviewed on Oil Exploitation in the Arctic: Hampshire alum Kert Davies 80F interviews Hampshire Professor of Peace and World Securities Studies Michael Klare for Greenpeace Radio on the oil companies' desperate drive to exploit the oil and gas of the Arctic.

Adjunct examiner Amy Dryansky has received a 2012 Artist Fellowship in poetry from the Massachusetts Cultural Council. The fellowships provide direct assistance to Massachusetts artists to recognize excellence and creative ability, and to support further developments of their talents. More >> 

Professor Eva Rueschmann has been named vice president for academic affairs and dean of faculty at Hampshire College, effective July 1.

Celebrating the Legacy of Tap. Constance Valis Hill, Five College professor of dance and author of Tap Dance Nation, blogs about National Tap Dancing Day for the Huffington Post.

Best Dissertation Award for Hampshire Professor Wilson Valentín-Escobar. Sociology and American studies professor Wilson Valentín-Escobar is the recipient of the 2012 Best Dissertation Award from the Latina/o Studies section of the Latin American Studies Association.

Media arts and sciences professor Chris Perry and anthropology and Asian studies professor Sue Darlington have been chosen as the 2012 recipients of the David Gruber Awards for Teaching and Advising.

Spring/Summer 2012

Professor Michael Klare was featured on C-Span's Book-TV as well as interviewed at Yale Environmental 360 regarding the global scarcity of natural resources.

Lawrence J. Winship, professor of botany, writes about 'Considering wild ginger, ants and an old paradox' in the Daily Hampshire Gazette.

Economics Professor Interviewed about Violence in Syria: Economics professor Omar S. Dahi was interviewed May 12 by Aljazeera’s “Inside Syria” on escalated violence in Syria.

Professor of peace and world security studies Michael Klare gave the keynote address at a workshop sponsored by the Royal Geographical Society on May 10 in London, England.

Hampshire Professor’s Art is Big in Boston: Five College art and technology professor John Slepian’s latest work is big in Boston, in a very literal way.

Film and photography professor Abraham Ravett’s view camera photographs of the Brighton Beach neighborhood in Brooklyn, NY, are being exhibited at Orange Coast College in Costa Mesa, CA, from April 23 through May 21, 2012.

Prof. Michael Klare Interviewed by Carnegie Council’s Policy Innovations. The Carnegie Council’s Policy Innovations interviews Professor Michael Klare about his new book, The Race for What’s Left.

Prof. Michael Klare Interviewed on WGBY's "Connecting Point." WGBY's Jim Madigan interviews Professor Michael Klare, author of The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources.

Will North America Turn into an Energy Third World? Michael Klare, professor of peace and world security studies, writes for about whether North America will become not just the next boom continent for energy bonanzas, but a new energy Third World.

Peace and world security studies professor Michael Klare’s essay, “Oil Wars on the Horizon,” appeared May 10, 2010 on numerous outlets, including, The Nation, Ecowatch, and Huffington Post.

Melton Builds Connections In and Out of Classroom: McKinley Melton, visiting assistant professor of literature, knows first-hand how important a single class can be.

Chronicle Review: A Decade of Dark Humor: How Comedy, Irony and Satire Shaped Post 9/11 America, edited by Ted Gournelos and Hampshire professor Viveca Greene.

Professor Eva Rueschmann presented a paper entitled “’The Banality of Evil’: Family Trauma and Suburban Violence in the Animal Kingdom” at the American Association of Australasian Literary Studies (AAALS) conference in Toronto in February.

Professor Ryan Joo’s Book Tops South Korean Bestseller List:  With a book atop the South Korean bestseller list, Asian religions professor Ryan Joo has become a celebrated author in his native country.

Professor Michael Klare will speak and sign books this spring at a number of area venues: April 3, Broadside Books in Northampton; April 23, Odyssey Books in South Hadley; April 21, Harvard Natural History Museum; and at Hampshire College on April 25 in Franklin Patterson Hall (West Lecture Hall) at 7 p.m. Metropolitan Books releases his The Race for What’s Left: The Global Scramble for the World’s Last Resources on March 13. More >>

Professor of Economics Laurie Nisonoff is an editor of The Women, Gender and Development Reader, along with Nalini Visvanathan, Lynn Duggan, and Nan Wiegersma. Now in a fully revised second edition, the Reader is the definitive volume of literature dedicated to women in the development process. The editors present the impacts of social, political, and economic change by reviewing such topical issues as migration, persistent structural discrimination, the global recession, and climate change.

Kingdom Animalia, the second collection of poetry by Professor Aracelis Girmay, is a finalist for the 2011 National Book Critics Circle Awards.

How Does Therapy Work? Annie Rogers is a clinical psychology professor and dean of the School of Critical Social Inquiry. Her book, The Unsayable, is one of two selected by highly respected psychologist Tony Bates to provide insight into how therapy works.

Winter 2012

 Hampshire Professors’ Work in ‘The Radical Camera.’ The Radical Camera contains work by two Hampshire College professors.

The work of Hampshire film and photography professor Abraham Ravett is the subject of an article in the current issue of Afterimage: The Journal of Media and Cultural Criticism (39:4). “Witness and Archive in Ravett and Saloum: Prolegomenon to Any Future Documentary” is by Bernard Roddy.

If the Iranian Powder Keg Explodes is professor Michael Klare's latest essay about the conflict surrounding the Straight of Hormuz. Distributed by TomDispatch,, and

Professor Jane Couperus profiled on WFCR. Neuroscience professor Jane Couperus discusses paying attention to attention.

A special issue of the British publication Animation: An Interdisciplinary Journal (6:3) includes an essay by Professor of Film and Photography Abraham Ravett. Ravett’s essay is entitled “Everything’s for You: Reflections on Animating a ‘Fierce and Inexorable Bond.’”

Professor Ravett has self-published a book, The North End: 1978–Polaroid SX 70 Photographs. The book contains photographs by the youth of Boston’s North End community.

Mary Russo, professor of literature and critical theory, keynoted Streaming In From The Moon, a symposium exploring the complex themes of feminism, performance, and the body.

Choral Director's Work Featured on New CD. Hampshire College Choral Director Elaine Broad Ginsberg's choral setting of "Oseh Shalom" is featured on new CD, Days of Awe and Rejoicing: Radiant Gems of Jewish Music.

Is Syria on the Verge of an All-out Civil War?  Professor Omar S. Dahi is interviewed on WBEZ about whether Syria is on the verge of a civil war and what may come next.

It's the 50th anniversary of a great children's book: The Phantom Tollbooth by Hampshire College Professor Emeritus Norton Juster. Read a retrospective essay by Steven Axelrod 72F.

Fall 2011

Phantom Tollbooth author and Hampshire College Professor Emeritus Norton Juster will read at the Odyssey Bookstore on Saturday, November 19, at 11 a.m.

WNET New York Public Media goes underground to look at the mysterious work of Bill Brand.

‘An Intellectually Exciting Place to Be.’ Culture, Brain, and Development Postdoctoral Fellow Karen Danna encourages rule breaking for academic purposes.

Prof. Michael Klare participated in a forum at the United Nations Special Event on Transparency in the Global Arms Trade.

Christoph Cox, professor of philosophy, curates the 3rd annual Brick + Mortar International Video Art Festival.

List of upcoming performances  in the Northeast and California by Jazz Professor Marty Ehrlich.

Professor Discusses "Race: Are We So Different" Exhibit.Alan Goodman, professor of biological anthropology and dean of faculty at Hampshire College, is interviewed about the traveling exhibit "Race: Are We So Different" of which he is codirector.

A letter to the editor written by Betsy Hartmann, professor of development studies and director of the Population and Development Program, and Aline Gubrium of the University of Massachusetts Amherst, was published in the New York Times in response to the article "Contraceptive Said to Double Risks of H.I.V."  Read letter >>

Professor’s Book Wins Dance Historiography Award. The Society of Dance History Scholars has chosen Professor Constance Valis Hill’s Tap Dancing America: A Cultural History as the year’s most distinguished book of dance scholarship.

Film and photography professor Bill Brand will screen two films from Uruguay he preserved as part of To Save and Project: The Ninth MoMA International Festival of Film Preservation, at the Museum of Modern Art.

Cultural studies professor Viveca Greene provides context and commentary for an NPR piece on "Irony in the Post-9/11 Age." Professor Greene and Ted Gournelos edited A Decade of Dark Humor: How Comedy, Irony, and Satire Shaped Post-9/11 America. Learn more >>

'How America's Decline Is Linked to Oil'. Professor Michael Klare writes about how America's rise to supremacy was fueled by control over the world's oil supply. Now, the decline of the U.S. coincides with the decline of oil as a major energy source.

Marlene Gerber Fried, senior advisor to the President of Hampshire College, professor of philosophy, and faculty director of the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program, reflects on the 35th anniversary of the the Hyde Amendment and draws political lessons to help inform reproductive rights advocacy going forward.

Betsy Hartmann, professor of development studies and director of the Population and Development Program, presented on "population alarmism" as part of the September roundtable discussions for the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs.

The Rumpus Poetry Book Club chats with Hampshire poetry professor Aracelis Girmay about her poetry collection Kingdom Animalia.

The Great Distraction: ‘Overpopulation’ Is Back in Town.Betsy Hartmann, professor of development studies and director of the Population and Development Program, writes about how focusing on overpopulation is a distraction from the real issues facing the planet.

An installation by Professor of Art William Brayton is currently on view in the George Marshall Store Gallery in York, Maine, as part of a statewide collaboration of museums and galleries, “Where to Draw the Line: The Maine Drawing Project.”

Cultural studies professor Viveca Greene talked with WFCR Public Radio about the new anthology "A Decade of Dark Humor: How Comedy, Irony, and Satire Shaped Post 9–11 America." Listen to interview>>

Film and photography professor Bill Brand is among a group of leading film preservationists who are featured in “a critical symposium” in the fall 2011 issue of Cineaste. Read contribution by Professor Brand >>

Peace and World Security Studies Professor Michael Klare answers questions about the relationship between rare earth elements and the green economy in the article "Q&A: Rare Earths and America's Green Future."

Hampshire Professor Gets Rare Glimpse Inside Syria. Professor Omar S. Dahi is interviewed about his recent  month-long visit to Syria. Dahi is one of the few western observers to report on conditions inside the country during the recent political upheaval there.

The Hampshire College community mourns the loss of Professor Emeritus Jerome Liebling.

Professor Sue Darlington presented a paper, entitled “The End of a Buddhist Buffalo Bank: Buddhist Development in the Face of Economic Development,” at the International Conference on Thai Studies, held in Bangkok and sponsored by Mahidol University.

Frederick Stirton Weaver, professor emeritus of economics and history, is coauthor of a new book, Confederates in the Tropics: Charles Swett’s Travelogue of 1868. Read more >>

Professor Abraham Ravett participated in this year's Visible Evidence Conference in New York City. As a member of the archival plenary panel, he presented Tom Joslin's unfinished film, The Architecture of Mountains, a project generated during a recent Recycled Images class. In attendance were alums Sam Shapiro 07 and Ben Balcom 04, who were both actively involved in the Joslin project.

Professor Featured in New York Times. Peace and World Security Studies Professor Michael Klare featured in New York Times article "In Rebuilding Iraq's Oil Industry, U.S. Subcontractors Hold Sway."

Summer 2011

Susie's Ghost, a short film made by Professor of Film and Photography William Brand and Alumna Ruthie Marantz 00F was shown July 30 at the National Gallery of Art.

Professor Salman Hameed writes in The Guardian about how "beliefs that give meaning to life can't be dislodged by factual evidence."

Professor Michael Klare on 'The Daily Show.' Video of Peace and World Security Studies Professor Michael Klare in "Canadian Oilverlords" on our dependence on foreign oil. 

Professor and former Pixar animator Chris Perry teaches students how to create high quality animated films. Listen to his interview now >>

"How to wreck the planet 101." Professor Michael Klare writes on the deepening global energy crisis.

Charlene D’Avanzo, professor of ecology at Hampshire College, explains how biology professors are altering their teaching methods to address the discipline’s ever-expanding base of knowledge. Listen to the Academic Minute interview now >>

Extreme Energy. Professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael Klare is interviewed about the end of an era of easy oil on New Hampshire Public Radio's April installment of their 11 for '11 series.

Professor Betsy Hartmann's article featured in the Spring 2011 edition of DifferenTakes, the journal of the Population and Development Program at Hampshire College, is referenced in an Open Society campaign against medical torture and forced sterilization. Read Opposition to Incentive Programs in Family Planning >>

Writer Bill Morris finds that Hampshire professor Michael Lesy's Wisconsin Death Trip "lives up to Walter Benjamin’s famous dictum that all great works of literature must either dissolve a genre or invent one." Read article >>

Writing for The Express Tribune, Professor Salman Hameed discusses the growing interest in Pakistan in astronomy. "Looking to the Heavens."

Spring 2011

Charlene D'Avanzo,  professor of ecology at Hampshire College and editor of the book Student-Active Science: Models of Innovation in College Science Teaching, is referenced in a recent article about effective teaching strategies in the science classroom in The Scientist.

Assistant Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Jane Couperus was first author of the article "Visual Search and Contextual Cueing: Differential Effects in 10-Year-Old Children and Adults," published in Attention, Perception, and Psychophysics.

Does the planet offer penalties for human beings' hubris? Professor of Peace and World Security Studies Michael Klare writes in "The Planet Strikes Back" on "why we underestimate the earth and overestimate ourselves." Read commentary >>

Ethnomusicology Professor Selected for NEH Panel. Professor Rebecca (Becky) Miller has been selected as a National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH) panelist for Summer Seminars and Institutes.

Assistant Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities Salman Hameed publishes op-ed about the need for Muslims to be able to debate evolution without fear in the Guardian.

Computer science professor Lee Spector recently co-authored two papers with current Hampshire student Brian Martin, Hampshire alumnus Kyle Harrington, and Thomas Helmuth, a University of Massachusetts student who Spector also advises:

Spector, L., B. Martin, K. Harrington, and T. Helmuth. 2011. Tag-Based Modules in Genetic Programming. In Proceedings of the Genetic and Evolutionary Computation Conference, GECCO-2011. To appear.

Spector, L., K. Harrington, B. Martin, and T. Helmuth. 2011. What's in an evolved name? The evolution of modularity via tag-based reference. In Genetic Programming Theory and Practice X. To appear.

Spector will also be presenting a paper called "How the Obscure Features Hypothesis Leads to Innovation Assistant Software," co-authored with University of Massachusetts psychology Ph.D. candidate Tony McCaffrey, at the 2nd International Conference on Computational Creativity in Mexico City on April 27-29.

Associate Professor of Cognition and Education Laura Wenk is first author of "First-Year Students Benefit From Reading Primary Research Articles," published in the latest issue of Journal of College Science Teaching (Vol. 40, No. 4). The article focuses on Hampshire College's use of primary literature in the first year.

Susan Thomson, Mellon post-doctoral fellow in contemporary African politics and society, publishes an op-ed piece titled "On Genocide Anniversary, Rwanda Needs Political Reform." Read article >>

Herbert J. Bernstein, professor of physics, explains what a nuclear fallout could mean for Japan. Read more >>

Assistant Professor of Integrated Science and Humanities Salman Hameed is among scholars quoted in the Scientific American article "Evolution Abroad: Creationism Evolves in Science Classrooms around the Globe." Read article >>

Professor of Ecology Charlene D'Avanzo recently published a letter, "High Marks for Transformative Teachers," in the journal Science. (Science 2011, March 6).

Professor of Film and Photography Abraham Ravett's work is showing in the 2011 Stan Brakhage Symposium at the University of Colorado, Boulder, March 11-13. Learn more >>

Prof. Ravett's recent film Non-Aryan screens at the 2011 Ann Arbor Film Festival on March 25.

Carol L. Bengelsdorf, professor of politics, was interviewed by The Chronicle of Higher Education about Hampshire's study-abroad program in Cuba. Read full article >>

Chemistry professor Dula Amarasiriwardena is guest co-editor of a special issue of Microchemical Journal, entitled "Antimony: Emerging Global Contaminant in the Environment." In the same issue Prof. Amarasiriwardena co-wrote a paper with student and first author Britton Van Vleek. View journal >>

Winter 2011

Salman Hameed, assistant professor of integrated science and humanities, discusses science versus science fiction. Listen now >>

2011, Year of Living Dangerously? Media commentary by Professor Michael Klare on rising commodity prices, extreme weather. Read more >>

An Academic Minute with Dean of Faculty Alan Goodman. Listen now >>

Acting President Marlene Gerber Fried, professor of philosophy, is among heroines and heroes for justice listed by Hampshire alum Amanda Dennis 02S, project manager at IBIS Reproductive Health, nominated her former professor. Read more>>

Video, film, and media studies professor Joan Braderman's course "Making Media for Democracy" is included by The Daily Beast in its slideshow of Hot College Courses. The course syllabus says: "As we examine experiments with media monopoly busting, students work individually and in groups to plan, design and produce their own strategic media interventions."

Susan Thomson, postdoctoral fellow in contemporary African politics, is a panelist on Rwanda at the 2010 Achebe Colloquium on Africa, held at Brown University. Read more>>

Professor Herbert Bernstein discusses the future of quantum computing on Read article >>

Science librarian and faculty staff associate Helaine Selin speaks to the Western Massachusetts Health Information Consortium on December 3. Her talk, entitled "Happiness," is based on her book in progress, Happiness Across Cultures: Happiness and Quality of Life in non-Western Cultures.

After years of negotiating with Black Sparrow Press and the estate of Charles Reznikoff, film and photography professor Abraham Ravett has just produced an audio CD of the poet reading from his book, Holocaust. The 1976 recording was made in Reznikoff’s New York City home by Professor Ravett. The accompany CD booklet also contains a 2010 essay written by Charles Bernstein. More>>

Ecology professor Charlene D’Avanzo has been named education editor of two journals in her field: BioScience, published by the American Institute of Biological Sciences, and Ecosphere, published by the Ecological Society of America. Professor D’Avanzo is director of Hampshire’s Center for Teaching and Learning. More >>

Professor Michael Klare spoke at the 16th Annual Energy Conference organized by the Emirates Center for Strategic Studies and Research. Klare, professor of peace and world security studies, spoke about international competition for energy resources. More >>

Professor Betsy Hartmann, director of the population and development program, told she is wary of population-control policies that focus on saving the environment. Her comments, in response to a study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, noted that such policies have “a long and sordid history.” Read more >>

Jane Couperus
, assistant professor of developmental cognitive neuroscience: How do children's brains develop? Listen to her interview on WAMC Academic Minute >>

Fall 2010

Professor's Film in Festival
Professor Abraham Ravett's recently completed film, Non-Aryan, is showing October 16 and 20 as part of the 2010 Montreal Festival of New Cinema in a program entitled " Sweet 16 (mm)."

Recent Publications
Assistant Professor of Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience Jane Couperus has published two journal articles:

Couperus, J.W. (2010). “Perceptual Load Modifies Processing of Unattended Stimuli Both In the Presence and Absence of Attended Stimuli,” Neuroscience Letters 485, 246-250.

Couperus, J.W., Mangun, G.R. (2010). “Signal Enhancement and Suppression During Visual-Spatial Selective Attention,” Brain Research 1359, 155-177.

Professor at the MIT Media Lab
Hampshire communications professor James Miller is a visiting professor at the MIT Media Lab, affiliated with the Center for Future Civic Media, during fall semester.

Professor Michael Klare in The Independent
"This expansion has not gone unnoticed in Washington," an essay on China's need for resources, written by Hampshire Peace and World Security Studies (PAWSS) professor Michael Klare in The Independent. Read essay >>

‘Coup de Foudre’
Philosophy prof Christoph Cox to lead post-performance discussion with artists at the Guggenheim Oct. 9-10. Read more >>

Convocation welcome by Acting President Marlene Gerber Fried
Watch video of Acting President Marlene Gerber Fried deliver the 2010 Convocation welcome >>

Transnational Adoption
When Barbara Yngvesson adopted an infant son in 1981, she found that the process required a fundamental cut-off of the birth family, legally, despite it being an open adoption. Read story >>

Rwanda scholar Susan Thomson Joins Faculty
Scholar, field researcher, and writer Susan Thomson joins the faculty at Hampshire College this fall as a postdoctoral fellow in contemporary African politics. Read story >>

International Distribution for Professor's Film
Danish Broadcasting has just picked up Professor of Video, Film, and Media Studies Joan Braderman’s film, The Heretics, for international distribution. Read story >>

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