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Fishman, Beth - 1976F

Beth FishmanRecently highlighted in an article on, Beth Fishman 76F has started S.S. Rescue Foods with her husband Fred Bellows. Says Beth:

My life has been deeply and positively affected by many growth experiences I have had with alternative health. In 1978 I began training in The Feldenkrais Method and became a practitioner in 1983. I have always been involved in the exploration of body/mind connections and how we improve our lives through learning and personal growth.

Discovering the importance and effect of raw/living foods has been the most dramatic and essential health experience I have had in my life. Unfortunately but luckily, I came to this discovery through increasingly serious health issues: Chronic IBS, weigh issues and yo-yo diets, adult onset allergies and ovarian cancer. I have experienced impressive recovery from all these ailments in a short time with the raw / living foods diet.

Fred and I both feel that as we learn more about food and its direct relationship to our health, we have discovered something as critically important as the air we breathe. We are inspired and driven to spread the word, educating others and providing resources to make this path more accessible. We have delightfully re-discovered the wonder and beauty of the food we eat and we have been amazed at the transformation it can offer. We are constantly learning and growing and look forward to sharing our process as we offer these resources.

You can visit Beth and Fred's website and read the article here.


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