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SOURCE (Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities)

Why do multicultural students participate in SOURCE groups? 

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  • A sense of family and belonging
  • Cultural connection
  • Promoting campus-wide education and advocacy around topics of racial/ethnic/cultural diversity
  • Fun!

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Being Involved in SOURCE

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A number of multicultural student groups are based in the Cultural Center, where they hold student group meetings and events. These student groups make up the coalition of SOURCE (Students of Under-Represented Cultures and Ethnicities). Currently, there are ten SOURCE groups who serve the following populations: indigenous; mixed heritage; queer international and people of color; international students; Asian/Asian American; Latino/a American; African/African American; international; James Baldwin Scholars; international women and women of color; and men of color. The student groups have historically organized a number of impactful initiatives that look at community building, campus awareness, and institutional change on topics related to race, under-representation, and social justice.

To learn more about SOURCE and its groups, please email:


James Baldwin Scholars

Mixed Heritage






DIG! is an affinity group that aims to create safe spaces for people who identify as indigenous. It is also a space for personal/cultural expression and enrichment of our members and the Hampshire community in general. Its goals also include promoting active student and faculty recruitment by the administration, and promoting consistent faculty support to ensure indigenous students are respected in and outside the classroom while pursuing their educations. The definition of "indigenous" for DIG! are those groups whose homelands have been colonized, but use their cultures as a form of resistance. It is important to remember although that DIG! is also the only space for those students from North America, the group also welcomes all who look to confront and understand these particular issues, conflicts, and histories. For more information, check out hampedia.

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Forum of International Students at Hampshire supports students representing a range of nationalities. FISH strives to create a safe space for the needs and concerns of international students at Hampshire. FISH is a closed SOURCE group that meets bi-weekly in the Cultural Center. Meetings are held in order to discuss issues that pertain particularly to international students. FISH also organizes campus-wide events. We call for a solidarity between all international students at Hampshire C. For more information, check out hampedia.

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* James Baldwin Scholars
The James Baldwin Scholars Group is for students who participated in the James Baldwin Scholarship program during their first year at Hampshire. It is designed to provide the incoming first-year Baldwins with academic, social, and cultural support as they go through the transitional year from high school to college. Simultaneously, it provides mutual support to returning Baldwin Scholars who may experience a sense of isolation on campus. The James Baldwin alums, who have continued their education at Hampshire and often serve as leaders in the community, contribute to the group through arranging various activities and events and serving as mentors and role models. Through these actions the group helps create a supportive environment, reinforcing a sense of belonging to its members. For more information, check out hampedia.

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Mixed Heritage
Mixed Heritage focuses on expanding the resources, education, and visibility of mixed identified peoples on Hampshire campus. The group aims to educate and explore assumptions and perceptions about intersectional and mixed identities that create complexities in our communities. Mixed Heritage primarily functions to provide and sustain a space for community building, as well as discussion about mixed identities, heritages, and races. As a SOURCE group, its weekly meetings are open to students who identify as students of color, international students, transracially adopted students, and students who identify with multiple cultures and identities both national and ethnic. For more information, check out hampedia.

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Men of Color Alliance (MOCA)
The Men of Color Alliance (a.k.a. MOCA) is a group, uniting the Hampshire men of color in order to address the issues facing men of color and foster community for this relatively small population on campus. It is a space where they can discuss their places as members of the Hampshire community as well as their roles in the community. This is also a space where discussion about the complexities surrounding being a “man of color,” e.g., associated stereotypes, on this campus and in society can openly be shared and problem-solved together. Last, but certainly not least, this will also act as space where men of color can express themselves freely and actively support one another in personal and academic endeavors.  For more information, check out hampedia.

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Hampshire College PASA (Pan-Asian Student Alliance)PASA (Pan-Asian Student Alliance) is a space for the full expression of Pan-Asian voices. The group is, first and foremost, a supportive and safe space. This is also a forum to acknowledge the diversity within the Pan-Asian community, and address the range of issues concerning such differences. PASA approaches its group endeavors in a grassroots tradition, and strives to challenge inequality, privilege, and oppression. 

PASA is a place where students can come together to connect to the larger experiences that come with being Asian on a domestic or international level. PASA's initiatives reflect the ever-changing need of its community(s). PASA also values the relationships that its communities have with other communities of color and international communities. PASA's visions will be accomplished through education, empowerment, and action. For more information, check out hampedia.

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QIPOC (Queer International and People of Color) is a safe and accountable space for the LGBTQueer community of color/international at Hampshire College and in the Five Colleges. The group recognizes that its identities as People of Color/International Students and our Queer selves are inseparable from one another, and the group seeks to raise awareness of this truth on campus and within the Five Colleges. The group will primarily be a supportive space in which to dialogue with one another, provide a comfortable space, and build community. For more information, check out hampedia.

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Hampshire College RAICESAn organization for students who are interested in Latino culture and heritage and are concerned with Latino issues: sexism, homophobia, passing, racism, and classism within Latino communities. RAICES strives to promote the identity and unity of Hampshire College’s Latino/Latina students through intellectual, cultural, academic, and social growth and to increase their visibility and involvement in campus and community activities. For more information, check out hampedia.

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Hampshire College SISTERSSISTERS celebrates polyculturalism. It is a support group to which women of color and international women come to share experiences, common and different, and use this as a premise for gaining strength, confidence, and a sense of community. SISTERS supports issues of social justice and advocates and organizes around issues of gender, intersectional identity, race, and structural oppression. For more information, check out hampedia.

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UMOJA is an organization that serves and is run by students of African descent. UMOJA is the only student group devoted solely to the interests of Black students. Its mission is threefold: to establish a support network among Black students; to promote social events open to the entire Hampshire community and the four surrounding area colleges, as well as exclusive events for members; and to encourage, through fundraising, and collaborations with the admissions office, aggressive recruitment of minority students. UMOJA provides a forum for students of the African Diaspora to discuss issues concerning people of color in general and Black people specifically, on this campus and beyond. For more information, check out hampedia.

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SOURCE groups have regularly scheduled meetings at the Cultural Center and organize numerous events and activities throughout the year. For information about how to get involved with a specific SOURCE group, email SOURCE: To contact all the SOURCE groups' student leaders, email:

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There are SOURCE groups coordinators (SGCs) who work at the Cultural Center to help coordinate the gathering of the SOURCE groups and to help foster collaboration and communication between the SOURCE groups. These coordinators also assist each group with any programmatic help they may need.

The SOURCE groups coordinators organize SOURCE community meetings on a regular basis each semester. These are excellent opportunities for multicultural students to meet other students and build community, to share needs and concerns, and to problem-solve together.

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There are many institutional, social, and cultural barriers and experiences that are shared among multicultural students. The student of color and international populations at Hampshire College generally constitute a small percentage of the student body. It is for these reasons that SOURCE exists. Students create a critical mass through SOURCE to provide the needed support for students’ needs and to facilitate change.

Not every multicultural student may feel the need to become involved in SOURCE or its groups each semester. Each student’s level of participation varies. The one thing that is constant is that SOURCE and its groups are always there whenever a student of color or international student needs them.

SOURCE Students

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The Cultural Center works closely with SOURCE. The Cultural Center director serves as the advisor to the SOURCE groups. Staff members at the center are available to help the groups with any questions they may have regarding programming, co-sponsoring events, other campus offices and groups, problem-solving, or anything else. The center provides mailboxes for the SOURCE groups as well as file cabinet space, and houses many historical documents for each group as well as SOURCE documents.

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Sense of Community

"I have made a deep connection with my separate heritages and cultures. I feel like people understand me and can connect with me at the Cultural Center."


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