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Recycling in Dakin and Merrill

Central trash and recycling sites in Merrill and Dakin are located in the basement, in the basement trash chute rooms, or near the Merrill laundry room.


For the convenience of residents, intermediate recycling sites have been set up for paper and for bottles and cans in the lounges on each floor of the halls. Please note that if the lounge on your floor is being occupied as overflow housing, this site may have been moved to a closet.

It is the responsibility of the residents on each floor to empty the bins from these intermediate recycling sites into the larger bins in the central recycling sites in the basement. The intern on each floor will assist in developing a shared job list with the expectation that all residents will participate in this process.


Cardboard boxes should be brought to one of the recycling sheds outside. Sheds near Merrill and Dakin include a shed in the FPH parking lot, a shed in the Dining Commons access lot behind Dakin, and a shed behind Merrill (outside the door by the laundry room)




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