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Recyling Info for New Students

Hampshire has a decades-old recycling program. While on campus we ask you to assist us in this program.

There is a lot to take in as you first orient yourself to campus. We are not asking everyone to become recycling experts right away. Get settled in.  Meet your classmates and professors. Learn your way around. Here, however, are three recycling facts we want you to know now:

  1. What to do with your cardboard.
    Chances are you arrived with a lot of cardboard boxes. When you are done unpacking those boxes, please remove all packaging materials, flatten your cardboard, and bring those boxes down to the cardboard area in the recycling sheds. Volunteer orientation staff will be able to help you find it.
  2. Learn where your recycling bins are.
    As you look around to figure out where the bathrooms, laundry rooms, classrooms, and everything else is, we ask that you also look around to learn where the trash and recycling bins are and learn where to bring them when they are full. You can find helpful information at the Recycling in Dakin and Merrill web page.
  3. As you move in, think about moving out.
    Your room at Hampshire will be your home for the school year. As such, we want you to enjoy it so that you thrive in your experience here at Hampshire. As you furnish your new room, also consider that it is a temporary home and minimize buying things that you may later  be forced to store, ship, or discard at the end of the year. Plan now to reduce the waste stream when you leave and you will be off to a good start as a contributing member of a greener Hampshire.

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