HACU-130T: Somatics: Thinking Body/Moving Mind

In our increasingly fast-paced and multi-tasking culture, what happens to the body? Disembodiment, being out of sync with one's own body, can cause a host of problems including stress, injury and a decreased sense of wellbeing. And for artists and performers these problems can dampen creativity, imagination, and resourcefulness as well as undermine technique. Different somatic disciplines offer a range of strategies for increasing body/mind integration and all share the goal of helping bring people back to themselves and to their senses. In this course we will explore principles, theories and philosophies behind a few of these somatic disciplines with the goal of experiencing what they awaken in us somatically and how they help us better cope with environmental stimuli and stressors, and creative challenges. Students will also have the opportunity to independently research a somatic discipline of their choosing for the final project. This course may be of interest to students planning to concentrate in dance/performance arts, or who have a serious interest in the martial arts, athletics or yoga. Prior experience in any movement practice is welcomed but not required, however students must be willing to engage fully, deeply, and energetically in a range of movement activities.