HACU-136T: An Introduction to Literary Studies: 20th Century Carribean and African American Literature

This tutorial is intended to 1.) Familiarize students with a range of texts (novels, short stories, essays, poems, and biography) written by Black people and 2.) Introduce the language of literary studies and narrative theory using contemporary Caribbean and African-American Literatures as aesthetic, historical, cultural and political models. The functions of memory, imagination and language will be also be examined as well as gender & sexuality; race & class; difference & identity; and trauma & witnessing. The primary challenge of this course is to identify and master a set of strategies for advanced work in the functions of narratology - such as text and authorship, genre, style, character and figurative language - to be practiced with each text. This tutorial, in addition to close and careful reading, requires weekly writing, revision, peer editing and presentations. While the literature will change yearly, the focus on literary studies remains constant.