IA-0248: Take the Show on the Road

What does it take to produce, book and tour a theatre for young audiences (TYA) production? The answers to this question will be explored while producing Lily Plants a Garden by Jose Cruz Gonzalez. The play deals with issues of war, diversity, identity and difference, family and adoption, biological interdependence, and hope. The course will begin with researching touring practices of TYA companies(including marketing, booking, education components, management, and design elements). Next, students will serve as producers,actors, designers, publicity directors, company managers, education directors, stage managers, build and run crew, and creative drama workshop leaders for Seedling Productions (the TYA branch of Hampshire College Theatre). Finally, rehearsals, production meetings, creative drama workshop planning, as well as set, sound, costume and props construction(with a focus on using recycled materials) will be followed by performances at the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art and several area schools. The entire process will be informed by close collaboration with a group of child consultants. Prerequisite: Some theatre experience desirable.