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Division III Showcase

Friday, May 17, 2013

Div III Presentations:
These include academic presentations, readings, and film screenings.
1:00-4:10 p.m. in Franklin Patterson Hall (FPH) unless otherwise noted

1:00-1:30 p.m.

Kelsey Saake
Exercise and the Brain: An Investigation of the Science Behind Popular Beliefs
FPH 102

Justin Baldwin
Bat Biology: Seed Dispersal, Wing Shape and Computational Ecology
FPH 103

Jason Ursa Oristaglio
"If I'm Sitting Up Here in High Heels, Nails, Boobs Pushed Up, Why Would You Do That?" An Ethnographic Investigation into the Healthcare Access of Transgender Sex Workers
FPH 104

Jaime Hamre
"Resolver": Food Security in Post-Soviet Cuba's Dual Economy
FPH 105

Hannah Lushington
The Emperor Has No Clothes: An Ethnographic Examination of Midwifery Practice and Profession in Northern California
FPH 106

Emily Caplan
Children Without Homes: An Exploration of Young Peoples' Experience In American Foster Care
FPH 107

Diana Isabel Diaz Muñoz
Cultura, Ciudadania y Salud: Latinas promoting their well-being through political agency
FPH 108

Sarah Gordon
Religion, Nationalisms, and Community: Using neuroscience and history to contextualize Palestinian and Israeli violence against civilians in the Israeli/Palestinian Conflict
FPH East Lecture Hall

Esther Dane
Portraits of Wellness
FPH West Lecture Hall

Phoebe Smolin
La Canción de Boyle Heights: How an East Los Angeles Neighborhood Uses Music to Resist the Silencing of its Histories
Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 111

Ryan Costello
The Role of Interbank Relationships in the Financial Crisis
Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 221

Sasha Hsuczyk
All Things That Rise Must Converge: An experimental documentary film about legendary fiddler Julia Clifford
Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video - Bill Brand Screening Room

Aidan Pagnani
Freddy & the Yetis, the Music of Aidan Pagnani
Music and Dance Building

1:40-2:10 p.m.

Michael Samuels
Moose Alley: Stories and Essays About Place
FPH 101

Martha Pskowski
Mother Earth is not for sale, love and defend her: Forest Carbon in Chiapas, Mexico
FPH 102

Megan Meo
HUMANIZING THE WORKPLACE: An Ethnographic Exploration in Worker Cooperative Development
FPH 103

Senti Sojwal
Refracted Realities: Young South Asian-American Women Navigate Gender, Identity, and Feminist Politics
FPH 104

Kyle Howard-Rose
Post-Racial Profiling: The War on Terror, Mass Media, and the Persistence of Islamophobia
FPH 105

Katy Hofmeister
Influence of Land Cover on Stream Temperature: Implications for Modeling and Waterway Restoration
FPH 106

Jennifer Viets
Unburying Death Workers: Exhuming Cultures of Silence Surrounding Death Work in the United States
FPH 107

alex van leer
(Not) Health Care Reform: Stories of Health Care Workers on the Edge of a Shifting System
FPH 108

Lily Colman
"Do I Look Sick to You?" Portraits of Crohn's Disease and Ulcerative Colitis
FPH East Lecture Hall

Marushka Rose Grogan
Resolving Water Conflict: A Beginner's Guide to Mediation Best Practices
FPH West Lecture Hall

Morgan Drewniany
Red Dust: A Soil Scientist's Journey Through the Political Climate and Environmental Chemistry of Northern New Mexico
Adele Simmons Hall (ASH) 111

Nicola Chávez Courtright
Aquí, Luchando: An Examination of Tourism in Havana Through Spanglish Multimedia Documentary Theater
Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video - Bill Brand Screening Rm

Aaron Richmond-Havel
The Necessity of Sweetness: following an impulse in collaborative community performance
Music & Dance Building

2:20-2:50 p.m.

Eli Plenk
We Do Not Know Where We Are Anymore: Towards a New Cartography of Community
FPH 102

Devin Morse
Justifying Reason
FPH 103

Derek Pyle
Freud, Bion, and "I": Psychoanalysis; Footnotes and a First Person Work
FPH 104

Brittni Hayes
FPH 105

Avik Roy
A Creative Analysis of the Maoist Insurgency
FPH 106

Antonina Palisano
Tubercular Dreamboats, Human Confection: Death, Deviance, and Tuberculosis
FPH 107

Alexandra Gray
Story of Memory: Savoring the Past in Empirical Study and Subjective Experience
FPH 108

Zemora Tevah
"Before We Fought, Now We Celebrate": A Critical Queer History of Northampton's Annual Pride March
FPH East Lecture Hall

Lyntoria Newton
Creating Liberated Black Images in the Cybersphere
FPH West Lecture Hall

Amir Fogel
Shark Conservation: Challenges and Potential
Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video - Bill Brand Screening Rm

Joshua Shane
(men)ace and Shedding the Masc: Choreographing Male Identity in the New Millennium
Music & Dance Building

3:00-3:30 p.m.  

Ramon Lee
Journey From the Inside
FPH 101

Rachel Friedman
The Necessity of Theatre in Education
FPH 102

Lauren Casey
The Criminalization of Drug Use during Pregnancy: Race, Gender, and Mass Incarceration
FPH 103

Zoe Getman-Pickering
Evolution in Invasion Ecology
FPH 104

Sarajhane Phillips
Bringing Your Africa With You: Personal Narratives from the South Sudanese and Rwandan Diasporas
FPH 105

Jennifer Cavanaugh
Collaborative Design/Build Praxis: Krunkle House and Abode Farm Cart
FPH 106

Holly MacDonald
The "Instrument-Body": The Physiology and Psychology of Playing Music
FPH 107

Gavrielle Davidson
Healing Through Flying: A Course Design in Experiential Therapy Using Flying Trapeze
FPH 108

Dylan Kaufman-Obstler
A Place of Spirit: Reclaiming Jewish Liturgy from Nationalist Narrative
FPH East Lecture Hall

Kevin Schwenkler
Pure Mathematical Reasoning In Physics And The Development Of Modernism In Classical Music
FPH West Lecture Hall

gabby fluke-mogul
when the night ended, it rained:: the politics & poetics of collective improvisation
Music & Dance Building

3:40-4:10 p.m.    

Nia Lipka
Yellowface: Performing Asia on Screen
FPH 101

Mandy Theissen
The Eight Fates
FPH 102

Kira McCoy
CarrotStick: a novel smoking cessation tool harnessing social relationships and mobile health technology
FPH 103

Margaret Hart
Ontological Insecurity and the 'Unheimlich' Woman
FPH 104

Lydia Wren Trottmann
Branch & Gather: wool works and nest forms
FPH 105

Zoe Kleiman-Tapley
The role of mood congruency in the implicit processing of emotional facial expressions: an ERP investigation
FPH 106

Terry Buck
The Decline of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine: A Historical Analysis
FPH 107

Scott Bremer
The Four Corners of the Earth & Other Stories
FPH 108

Riko Fluchel
Behoming the Impossible: Queer World-Making in the Filipin@ Diaspora
FPH East Lecture Hall

Linda Fenstermaker
"Inversion" A 16mm Film
Jerome Liebling Center for Film, Photography, and Video - Bill Brand Screening Rm

Madeline Burrows
MOM BABY GOD: Exploring the anti-abortion movement through immersive research, writing, and solo theatre performance
Music & Dance Building



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