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Our New Greenhouse

Since 1979 there have been three different greenhouses built in Enfield House. Previous greenhouses provided a space to study aquaponic agriculture involving hydroponic basil and tilapia.

The space was an inspiration for independent study in the sciences and arts as well as an open community center. Since the renovation of the mod in 2008, students, staff, and faculty have worked to develop a plan to build a new greenhouse.

Between 2009 and 2011, the greenhouse community worked to fundraise for this construction project. The design process engaged many community members, with the goal to make this new structure a showcase for environmentally responsible living. The new greenhouse, which opened its doors in spring 2011, is adjacent to the Greenhouse Mod (Enfield House apartment 46), though no longer attached to the main structure. The space is open to the entire Hampshire community, and may be used for classes or student gatherings and events.

Design goals included handicapped accessibility, high-quality glazed glass panels, and appropriate ventilation. The floorplan is flexible enough to adapt to the changing interests of the community.

More information about the ongoing development and use of this space can be found on the Enfield Solar Greenhouse Hampedia page.


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