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S. Bear Bergman: Keynote Speaker

Blood Family, Wine Family, and Glitter Family: How Queer Jews Make Mishpokhe

After pronoun bingo at his queer, trans, intercultural Jewish wedding, being named by wild drag queens, and enjoying lengthy interrogations by lovely octogenarians about who all these people are, exactly, S. Bear Bergman has a long and laughing view on mishpokhe. He'll offers a series of tender stories and personal reflections on why we choose these people, where we find them, how we bind ourselves together, and how exactly we explain it all to our grandparents.

S. Bear Bergman, a Hampshire alum, is a storyteller, a theater artist, an instigator, a gender-jammer, and a good example of what happens when you overeducate a contrarian. Ze is the author of Butch Is a Noun (reissued with a new foreword by Arsenal Pulp Press, 2010) and Lambda Literary Award finalist The Nearest Exit May be Behind You ( Arsenal Pulp Press, 2009), as well as the editor (with the inimitable Kate Bornstein) of the multiple-award-winning Gender Outlaws: The Next Generation (Seal Press, 2010). Bear is also the creator and performer of three award-winning solo performances and a frequent contributor to anthologies on all manner of topics (see hir CV for an extensive list of publications of presentations). Bear can be found many days in an airport lounge, writing stories on hir laptop and letters on any piece of paper that can pretend to be stationery.


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