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Who Are We?

We are so happy you asked! The Hampshire College students, faculty, and staff who are organizing the upcoming Queer Jews and Allies Conference come from a wide range of academic passions, political beliefs, spiritual spaces, and activist involvement.

Our student organizers have studied everything from how Jewish identity is performed and queered on the theatrical stage to religious intersections within the biomedical sphere. We have collectively been involved with over a dozen student groups, including: Anti-Sexist Feminist United Collective, Jewish Student Union, Queer Community Alliance, the Radical Jewish Collective, Students for Justice in Palestine, Students Promoting Israel Culture and Information, Trans Student Alliance, and the Yiddish Language Club.

The faculty and staff assisting us in creating the conference includes the director for Women’s and Queer Services; Hampshire’s coordinator for religious identity and political intersections, who is also a rabbi; and a professor of American Literature and Jewish Studies.

We are not all queer and we are not all Jews, but we are dedicated to making this conference a safe, inclusive, and inquisitive space. We hope and believe that our multitalented and multifaceted group will serve to create this space and bring attention to issues that are important to our community.


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