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Photography and Other Media Policy

1) Photographers will be clearly designated as such. If participants do not want photos that they are in to be published, they are asked to see a conference organizer or the photographer.
2) We will ask that all participants attach a colored sticker on their nametags that will signify if they are comfortable having their pictures taken for internal use, for external use, or not at all, and we will strive to respect these.
3) We will only publicly share photos in which participants have visual consent, meaning that they are clearly aware that their photos are being taken (i.e. smiling and looking at the camera).
4) We will not take photos or video in workshops.
5) Whenever possible, we let participants know if their images will be used in external publications.

Special thanks to the Civil Liberties and Public Policy Program at Hampshire College for their help and advice in crafting this policy.


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