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Anti-Sexists and Feminists United Collective

The Anti-Sexists and Feminists United Collective is committed to starting and continuing inclusive and constructive conversations surrounding feminism and gender equality; engaging with feminism and gender in a broad context; addressing these issues not only within the Hampshire community, but on a local, national, and international scale; understanding intersectional oppressions by examining the sexism within a wider context of racism, classism, homophobia, transphobia, cissexism, and ablism; and applying our understanding of the topics at hand to create positive social action on both small and large scales.

The Anti-Sexists and Feminists United Collective strives to:

  • strategically fight against sexism in all manifestations.
  • encompass diverse perspectives and be inclusive of and welcoming to anyone who believes in gender equality, whether or not they identify as feminist; women, men, queers, transfolk, conservatives, liberals, radicals, feminists, and non-feminists are invited to fight with us.
  • provide gender-related programs outside of the classroom.
  • enrich feminist conversation.
  • develop networking skills through strategic campaigns and community organizing.
  • collaborate with other social justice groups and foster solidarity across movements.

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